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Kazekidz Pepper head sale info

Mar 20, 2008

    1. Hi All,


      I am planning on releasing some Pepper heads for sale next week so thought I would give a pre-warning of the sale. There will be a limited number for sale at this time and the heads will be precast so will be ready to ship immediately. I will update here the day before I offer them for sale and she will be offered in the marketplace and first in first served.
      She will be cast to match Volks normal pureskin and will fit best on SD10 body. This lot will be sold without a faceup. I will do some with faceup at a later release.

      Price will be $165US with insured airmail shipping, if you want EMS it will be an extra $20 .. sorry EMS is soooo expensive for small items

      More pics in this thread
      and on my website http://www.kazekidz.com/dolls/new/index.html

      Thanks all :aheartbea
    2. ok, so dumb question
      SD10 body is a MSD size or SD?
    3. Definitely SD. :)
    4. Hi All,
      I have cast 20 heads all to closely match Volks pureskin normal. I have decided to have a longer ordering period starting Wednesday 26th March at 11PM New York time and finishing 31st March at 11pm New York time. The first 20 heads will be available to ship early next week and any orders above the 20 will be cast and shipped ASAP (hopefully within a month but will depend on how many orders I have).

      I will only have this one order period for her and then her mold will be retired.

      I can also cast to match Volks pureskin white if required.

      Payment for the first 20 heads will be due right away and payment for pre-ordered heads will be due by 15th April.

      I can accept paypal cash or credit card and I can accept www.paymate.com.au for those who prefer not to use paypal or I can accept bank deposit for US or Australian buyers.

      TO ORDER or if you want more into please email me on kazekids at hotmail dot com. Please don't PM me with orders as I find it so much easier to keep track if I have emails.

      Thanks everyone.
    5. hi!
      what a wonderful creation!!!:aheartbea
      I would to know how many cost the Pepper head with the same make-up like in the picture and what kind of eyes needed... and if is possible to adapt with a MSD body...

      (excuse me for my english!!)...:sweat
    6. Kaye answered a few questions on another board. With having a few heads from Kaye already, I know the proportions won't work for the head to be on a MSD Body. SD is 1/3 scale, and MSD is 1/4 scale. They are not compatible.

      face ups:
      The eyes:
    7. Does this mean that you can get a faceup with this order?
    8. It says in the first post:

    9. But then it says that there will be only this order and the mold will be retired..
    10. Thanks Twigling and MiaAga for helping with answers :)

      ashburyblu .. I will do faceups if time permits. It takes me so long to do the faceups that it will mean delaying shipping so if you are prepared to wait longer for a faceup then I can do it.
    11. bump for sale starting in 2 and a half hours