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Kazekidz Pip head elf and human versions .. nudity.

Mar 2, 2009

    1. Hi All,

      I hope I have chosen the right place to post this?? If not, I appologise and mods please move to appropriate spot.

      I and going to be offering this head for sale in the next couple of weeks so thought I would show her now in case anyone wants to take advantage of the Dollstown sale to get her a body.

      This is my newest sculpt Pip. I am going to be doing and open edition of her but I am not going to take orders for her .. I will just cast a batch every now and again and sell when cast. The human version fits DT elf body best but could also fit on the 7 years body if you don't mind that she looks a bit head heavy!! The elf version is a better fit on the 7 years body.

      Prices! .. well nothing is set in stone yet but I was thinking maybe $120 blank and $180 with a faceup.

      Thanks all :D

      This is her on the 7 years body>>
      and here she is on the elf body >>

      I've now also made an elf version of Pip.. he/she fits the 7 years body better than the human version as it is a fraction smaller. Can be a boy or a girl.
    2. Are you going to be casting them yourself, or thru Bobobie?
    3. Hi Cathy,
      I will be casting them myself and will match the Dollstown resins.

      Thanks K6doll and Teddy :D
    4. Oh wow!:D I think you may have just turned my buying plans upside down. She is darling.

      Umm, when you say you'll be matching Dollstown resin do you plan on doing her in Paleskin, Freshskin and Oriental or are you just doing Oriental?

      Any hints on her eye and wig size and do I just keep checking this thread or the announcements? (Sorry, not sure how you like to do things and I don't want to miss this little girl.)

    5. Hi Moulin,
      I am planning on casting to match the paleskin, freshskin and orientalskin. I hope to be able to start casting next week and have them ready for sale very soon after casting.
      I will most likely cast about 10 heads for the first batch.

      I use 16mm eyes and her head measures 8" around .. I use 7-8" Jpop wigs because they are stretchy and fit nicely.

    6. You'll keep casting new heads or are they gonna be limited to a certain number? I think this sweetie could really make me forget about "Me? Get a girl? Nah. I don't like girls." :)
    7. Will you announce the sales here or in the Marketplace? (Just so I know where to keep a look out.)
    8. Khell .. I have not limited Pip so I will continue casting heads as long as I have interest.

      Toveb ... yes. I will announce the sales in the marketplace.
      Thanks :D
    9. Kaye, will the elf head fit only on the 7years body? Or would it fit the elf body?
    10. Hi Stella Maris,
      The elf will fit either the elf body or the 7 years body. I will take more pics this weekend.
      :D Kaye
    11. Here is some pics of Pip elf on Dollstown elf body.
      She is wearing 18mm eyes in this pic and Jpop Kana wig in 7-8"
      She will be ready for sale during this week.
    12. OOps sorry. Here's some more pics. Hope they help.
    13. Hi Kaye,

      Could you tell me what size shoes Nettle wears on the DT Elf body please? Thank you in advance. -Maria
    14. Hi Maria,
      I use SD size but they are a bit big on her. Her foot measures approx. 6.3 x 2.5cm
      Hope that helps,
    15. Discussion Thread here.