Kazthenoodle / Kaz_ zombie Feedback

May 12, 2018

    1. Hey guys!! :)

      This is my feedback page!! If you've had a transaction with me, please leave me some feedback!

      Thank you,
      Much love
      Kaz x

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    2. +1 for Kaz being an absolutely wonderful buyer! She bought a Shushu head from me, paid promptly, and let me know as soon as it arrived! She’s super wonderful and I highly recommend her:thumbup
    3. Absolutely positive!

      Kaz was so nice, paid fast, and was kind that I ship 1 day late when I was ill. Thank you for the positive experience <3
    4. I bought a body from Kaz and the whole transaction was wonderful, he arrived superfast and exactly as described, wouldn't hesitate to recommend! :)
    5. Purchased a iple Doria F head from Kaz and the transaction went great.
      I asked for one additional picture to verify the head was the same as her sales post as the post was a few months old and they went above and beyond and took entirely new pictures of the head from all angles.
      The head was shipped promptly on the next available mail day, packed ridiculously well and was exactly as described and accurate to the photos.

      all around wonderful seller.

      Kaz purchased an msd Migidoll from me and the transaction was swift and smooth! The communication was clear, the payment was prompt, and I would highly recommend them as a buyer! A++ from me! Thank you so much!
    7. Kaz bought Iplehouse Fantasy Bianca in gray skin from me, and everything was perfect! Kaz is very nice, polite and friendly person, paid at once and kindly agreed to wait several days until I was able to ship the parcel. Thank you so much for your purchase! <3
    8. @Kazthenoodle bought some Ringdoll hands from me. They were polite and friendly in their messages, quick to pay and kindly let me know when the hands had arrived. I would highly recommend them as a buyer. Thank you for a quick and pleasant transaction :thumbup
    9. Bought a Dollshe saint from Kazthenoodle, and they messaged back promptly, packed and shipped him really securely, and shipped him as quick as possible after I paid. Fantastic transaction all around! I would absolutely buy from them again!
    10. Purchased a Zaoll and couldn't be more pleased with the transaction. Fast shipping, easy communication, well packed, etc.

      I'm so happy to give your girl a new home! Thank you!!