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Keeping the Faith: When Your Dream Doll Finally Comes Home

Feb 10, 2008

    1. Dolls get discontinued. They are issued in limited quantity. You fell in love with one (or even more!) when it was no longer available, or your missed your chance to bring your beloved doll home. And now it seems you'll never get him or her. There are lots of stories here from those of us who angst over whether that elusive, seemingly never-to-be-had, desperately-wanted doll could ever be ours.

      But miracles happen and dreams do come true.

      Over the course of three years in the dollery, I've coveted three dolls far above all the others. I never thought I would get even one of them. A week ago, I closed the book on my Dream Dolls (though probably not on acquiring dolls, or so grumbles my wallet). My three?

      Volks Jun-T: She's the one who drew me into the dollery in the first place. I ached for her. I waited a year and a half, then found her for sale here in the Marketplace.

      Souldoll Myosung: I fell irrevocably in love with her when I first discovered Souldoll ... but even then she was discontinued and you almost never see auctions for her. A friend of mine managed to win her off Y!J ... I was a happy-for-her but sobby mess. Four months later, my friend decided to sell her. Saying yes was a no-brainer.

      Hypermaniac Ishta: Same love story. Same angst. Tried to find her for a year and a half. Two slipped through my fingers over this time. Several weeks ago, I saw her listed on eBay. After multiple double-takes, I clicked the BIN without a second thought (it's tuna and mac & cheese here for a while ;) ).

      Many of us have Dream Dolls. Many of us have pursued getting them with single-minded determination. And many of us have actually achieved what we never believed would happen. It takes patience (not my strong suit), perseverance, a willingness to save and set aside the special funds ... keeping the faith. The good news is, far more often than not, it pays off.

      So, how have your dreams come true?
    2. My two dream dolls were a Lahoo and a volks Kohaku.

      Kohaku was a no brainer got him off volks usa. Lets just say My con money was cut very very short and no new manga or pants for me for awhile.

      This year i wanted a lahoo more than anything I put up a feeler and maganed to find a girl willing to sell and she like do you want the clothing. I did not really get it then but she was offering me a full set lahoo for a good good price. I jumped it.

      LOong hours at work selling crap i did not need, and a few hours at my church nursery and she was mine.
    3. I like to say I'm very fortunate that I only have one dream doll, who is a standard doll, which I got as a gift.

      I know that she is my true dream doll because out of all the ones I love and want, I don't think about them or feel for them as I do my Annabelle. ^_^ I say that on a luck scale of 1 to 10 I'm at an 11. Hee. ^_^
    4. Loving the Kain picture Ecchokat
      My dream doll took a year to get, it did feel like she'd never come but in my heart I knew I'd get her home no matter what, you just have to have faith in your love. :)
    5. One that I'd long since thought out of my grasp, but was the first one that I thought "if I had a million dollars" I'd grab: Isao v.1
      I finally am going to get a head! No eyes or wig, just the head with the faceup that I really like. :)
      This will be a reassemble-as-I-go dream.
      And this is at least the first step! :dance
    6. When I first started collecting BJDs I knew next to nothing about where to buy them other than boards, Ebay & a few US stores. There were several dolls I really wanted, a 60cm Narae, a 60cm Narin & Cocori. Amazingly enough within a few weeks of each other they all became available on Ebay for reasonable prices & I was able to acquire them.

      Recently one of my grail dolls has been Serendipity Boding Sharmin. There are only 10 in the world & I almost had one in my hot little hands when the seller backed out. Again, it was Ebay to the rescue but I'm cheap & didn't want to pay more than original retail. She was listed very high & I decided to pass. Then relisted a little lower but still too much. Third time around was the charm as her BIN was full retail price so I jumped & I'm so glad I did. I must say I've been very fortunate getting the dolls I really, really want.
    7. I was HELLBENT on someday getting a Woosoo when I first discovered BJDs. No other doll would do for the character I had in mind!

      A couple years later, when I was ready to start buying dolls, I went back and thought, "Well, Woosoo really doesn't look like my character anymore," and went on to find a better mold for him (Moon XD).

      Then I joined DoA and found out how amazingly lucky it was for my wallet that I changed my mind. :XD:

      Someday-eventually, I'd love to get a Breakaway and a Scarface Cecil. However, they're more of an "it would be nice" than an "omg must have!", so I've not got the urgent need to find one. ;D I've been fortunate that all my "dream dolls" are standard release.
    8. I'm like many other when I say that my dreams dolls are a CP NS Woosoo (open eyes) and a Unoa Lusis with every optional face-plate.

      I don't know what I'll be saying a year from now, but I can safely say right now that I will never have either of them. Woosoo is just out of the question when just the head is close to $1000. As much as I love him, there's just no way I could EVER afford him. It really pains me to see them in the gallery (which is the main reason I never browse it) and when I see them up on the marketplace, I just want to cry. I pray that Luts will rerelease him in the future like they did with Breakaway..... but I'm not going to give my hopes up.
      Lusis is just one of those that I will not pay the marketplace price for. As much as I want her, I'm not going to pay upwards of $1000 for a $450 doll. And I have no way to order through a shopping service, since I don't have paypal.
    9. Unoa Lusis was the first doll I really fell in love with. my first doll was a crappy Unoa Lusis 1.0 face-plate with a headback I made of Apoxie Sculpt on a Bluefairy blossom body. the match was horrible and my love for my girl did suffer, so I split her up and sold her. pretty much right after I did, I found out that there was to be a Unoa preorder in July 2007, so I saved up my money and stayed up refreshing Crescent Shop till midnight on the first night and put in my order. December 23, Novacaine finally came home to me. it wasn't really hard to get my girl; it just took longer than some want to wait.

      my dream tiny was a Yo-tenshi Kasumi, which I began a layaway for in September '07 and finished a month later. she was soon home. <3
    10. I had fallen in love with the Sweet Dream Nono's ever since I had gotten into BJDs but I was waiting until Volks released them. When Volks released the Summer Beach Ver. I was sad because I didn't have the money since I had just bought my senior delf and I knew I'd never be able to get one through the lottery. I started saving up money again for clothes when sometimes I'd see her occasionally for auction but couldn't bid due to money and when I did have the money she was never for sale. It was horrible knowing that there were fewer and fewer out there each moment, it was evil... It was months later when I saw her through a volks distributer and I took the opportunity very quickly. Buying her was hard at first but then after everything was cleared up she was shipped out and I got her a few days ago!!

      So the first doll I ever fell in love with I was able to find and get! My dream did come true! I would never trade or sell her for anything!!!
    11. I want a Woosoo head for my character,Nicky.

      I'm dying to get one,open or closed eyes,I can get the closed eyes modded.
    12. My dream doll is DollZone's Yuu, and I am so far from getting him. he is going to be my first doll, and I am bound and determined to get him. I'm jobless, and have been saving up/paying off debts for the past year, and I may not be close to getting him, I'm at least one step closer.

      I suppose I got really lucky for Christmas, I had been saving up for a digital camera of my own so I could get shots of my baby boy when he comes home, and I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas. It was by a whim that mom and I went into best buy one day, I just wanted to look and see what was new after Christmas, and I saw a good Digital camera on sale, maybe not the newest model, but a good one nevertheless. And I didn;t quite have enough for it, but mom let me have 20$ so I could afford it. :D

      Now I'm doing everything I can to get a job, but I think I used up what little luck I had by finding that camera on sale ^^;
    13. I'm extremely lucky to own most of all of my dream dolls -- and which ones I don't own now, I have on layaway. :3 Iplehouse Gentle Soo Ri (I will get his open-eye'd head soon), Dollstown NS Hue, CP MNF Chiwoo... And on layaway I've got my Yo-SD Piccolo, Yo-SD Kuuta and soon to be School C on an SD10 body. The only boy missing in this equation is my very own B-Boy... I've somewhat resigned myself to the idea that I'll never have one, but stranger things have happened.

      I'm very fortunate to have the dolls I've always loved. Now, just to get a few more of the stragglers (Dollmore Kid U-Jee, Blue Fairy TF Louis, Blue Fairy TF Tommy), and I'll be a happy doll mommy.
    14. My first doll (Dollmore Black Lilith) was my dream doll. She's still my favourite doll, hands down.
      My other dream doll would be a Woosoo. At times I want him more than other times (and right now I'm really aching for him), but the desire for him has always been there. I'll get him one day.....
    15. for me all the dolls i want and get at some point are dream dolls.

      the first bjd i fell in love with was Limhwa ToYou, and when i found out that i was some months too late and she had been discontinued even before i was into bjd's, i was pretty sad. i was also all new to this bjd world and thought it would be pretty much impossible to get a doll that's discontinued.
      but i was so lucky because only some days later someone here on the board (toydogz4) was selling hers and this is now my Anouk. i was so happy and still love her so, i find her sculpt so beautiful :aheartbea

      then the next doll i fell in love with was Elfdoll MinDelRe, and guess what, yeah also a discontinued one. but lucky me, some weeks after i fell in love with her there was a limited re-release of her and i was able to get her, and i feel so lucky that she's here!

      for my third i made it easier for myself, liking the regular and available Dollshe Hound. i still got him here on the board (from ardichan) and i feel lucky that i got "this hound" cause he feels special, somehow :)

      right now i don't have a dream doll or absolute-must-have in the bjd world.
      i have several that i like, two of them not so readily available (Unoa Lusis, Pre-orders don't happen so often. and Elfdoll Olivia Sky, who is discontinued, and almost never turns up on the secondary market, but might also be re-released this year sometime...).

      but i have a doll i know i want next, non-bjd though, and i just gotta save up first (either a Maya or Bunny of the Mooqla's) so she is my next "dream doll".

      so to me every doll is first a dream doll because i have to be able to get the money together and it's not always easy, so there is a period where it seems so unreasonable that i'll be able to get that doll. and so with each one it is a dream come true :D
    16. Nice topic! I love everyone's stories. :aheartbea

      CH Sram- I fell in love with him in 2004, the old days of CH. He was a standard then, and I was all planned on getting him... until a little droopy eyed limited was released(CH Nyll) and stole Sram's spot. I bought Nyll first because he was a limited release.

      Not even a few months after I got Nyll, all the CH standard boys went out of stock for a body remodelling. It took over a year for them to restock. I was heartbroken as the release date for the remodeled boys kept getting pushed back. They finally returned in Dec of 06. My heart lept into my throat when I clicked on the CH site and saw that face that made my heart beat faster staring straight at me. I bought him with christmas money, and the rest is history! Josuke will be one year old on March 10th.

      CH Junior Irang- CH's Junior line is a rare sight, as they weren't available for all that long. They were taken down when CH did their big remodel, and they never came back. I kind of resigned myself to never being able to get one, and she nestled into the graveyard of dolls that I would never own.

      A month ago, I was surfing the marketplace and saw a whiteskin CH Junior Irang for sale. I couldn't swing her price at the time. Weeks later, she was still there.

      I couldn't believe it, I thought for sure she would be long gone! I PM'd the seller, but then turned her down. I had too many dolls, and needed to cut back on my buying. The seller told me that I was the third person to back out of her sale, so she'd be using the doll for modding. That sealed it! I needed to take that sweet doll home, because it was now or never for both her and me! I bought her, and I've been crazy about her since she came. Camilla arrived on January 22nd, but I feel like she's been part of the family for years.
    17. I was in love for Unoa Lusis for about a year, before I finally had the money to buy her. I got kinda lucky, I guess, because the seller had put her on hold for someone else, and they flaked out. XD
    18. My dream doll was Bermann. I originally wanted a DO and missed out on three Tensiya releases, I was diligent but just never managed to make the cut of 11. I had pretty much given up on having one, and resigned myself to it as I wasn't about to pay the price for a secondary market one.

      When I had all but given up, a wonderful person emailed me and offered me her SA Valentino Bermann head for an incredibly fair price. I was on cloud nine and jumped!!!

      Interestingly enough, since I have had the SA he has grown on me, and now I wouldn't trade him even if I could get a DO. He's so expressive! I will forever be indebted to Lin for offering Andrae to me privately. It truly was a dream come true.
    19. I do have a dream doll. Yukinojo. With everything he originally came with. Fat chance, right? Even if I could afford him, you never hardly ever see him for sale.
    20. Like gayle, my dream doll was also a Bermann. I thought his sculpt, the slightly sad expressive face, would be perfect for a character. It had nothing to do with how rare he was and I was annoyed he was a 'holy grail' doll. Except for my mnf Shiwoo elf (which was somewhat of a dream doll), all my other dolls are not limited sculpts, and I prefer that.

      I kept missing with the releases, getting my email request in too late, not using a good email to give me an advantage, etc. Then another doll came along that would work well enough for the character and I got him instead. He's not perfect, especially in his joint design, but the more realistic head sculpt works so much better with his more realistic lover, so he's a much better fit for the character.

      And while the last Bermann is lovely, I have absolutely no desire to own one anymore.