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keeping the original box?

Jul 23, 2019

    1. Been in the hobby for a few years now, and been thru two moves. Next year may be my third move and i realized, I don't use the boxes in the moves. I use the tried-and-true military method of wrapping important things up in my clothing. I don't use the boxes to store anything either, I think I kept a hold of them because they're pretty. Part of me of believes I kept them in case I sell.... but much of the time when i buy second hand, I honestly don't care if they have the box or not.

      I am trying to convince myself there's no reason to keep the boxes but I would like to hear if anyone has a good reason. You know, weigh the consequences! :XD:
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    2. I think the main reasons to keep the boxes would be resale value, to store the doll, or to transport the doll. If you don't use the boxes for anything and don't plan on selling your dolls I think it's fine to get rid of them, but even if you don't care about the boxes when buying secondhand some people do and it may make it a bit harder to find a buyer. For Fairyland dolls it's important to keep the boxes since it helps to prove legitimacy. Personally, I use the original boxes to store my dolls' clothing and accessories. The only on topic doll I have that I don't have the box anymore is my RS Yu, because she just came in a plain brown box.
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    3. It's your choice to keep those boxes or not, but I agree with @aliengem. In my opinion it's good for storing the doll safe and secure from light and dust.
    4. I got rid of all mine. Just not enough room to keep them and they were wasting space. The only ones I kept are the Fairyland boxes for the tinier dolls like Littlefee as they fit nicely on bookshelves like storybooks.

      I kept the larger Fairyland boxes for awhile as well as they’re sturdy and thick and, yes, for resale value, but I noted they were developing mildew on the inside lids because it was a bit damp where I stored them, so they ended up getting tossed, too. Which was a shame because Fairyland has some really nice boxes.

      When I buy a doll secondhand I never really care if it has its own box or not because I don’t store my dolls in boxes. Sort of defeats the purpose of having them, IMO. I’ve even sold dolls and sent them in a different doll’s box to protect them during shipping, I just make sure to let the buyer know it doesn’t have its own box, is all.
    5. I don't have many resin dolls anymore but... I tend to keep them because I have some dolls that do not have certificates. Their original boxes are a good way to prove they are legit. And I store other stuff in them. Small boxes go in the bigger ones and stuff. It's also handy in case you need to store the dolls somewhere.
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    6. I don't keep them - they take up too much space that could be used for storing stuff I actually want and use. I put them all in the recycling.

    7. I have dolls with and without boxes. It's a plus of they come with boxes second hand but it's not a deal breaker for me. I don't really have the space for the boxes, but I keep them anyway because I know we're eventually going to move and I want a way to transport them safely. I have almost thirty dolls and floating heads and not enough boxes to store them all. So I don't want to lose a single box. It's your choice to keep or toss the box. And I think either is fine. :)
    8. I keep my BJD in my closet, inside their boxes so that's the reason why I've kept them myself. If I was to display them (which I'll never do), I would recycle the boxes or repurpose the materials. That's what I do whenever I unbox any other doll/toy, if I am going to unbox/display it (which I rarely do, unless I get duplicates, because I'm a weirdo). I haven't sold any of the dolls I currently own, and don't plan to do so, thusly I wouldn't need the box for that reason either -- I've only kept the boxes, to keep my dolls in them. (:
    9. I live in a 30m2 bedsit (and that's including the kitchen and bathroom), so finding room to display a doll is already a challenge :P So for reasons of space, I tend not to hang on to any boxes, even pretty ones. And I move a lot (a lot), so I've found ways to transport delicate things safely without needing boxes for everything.
    10. I have kept mine for a few months since starting to collect but think I will get rid of them as I don't have the room to keep them and im not planning on selling the few BJDs I have ....but think its up to you
    11. Hi, @ultrapandachan!

      For certain companies, the box can be really important. I'm trying to sell a secondhand VOLKS CN Model right now and I have the original box/original faceup, but a potential buyer still sent me a message asking if I had a CoA. (VOLKS doesn't issue CoA, just a little pamphlet with some advertisements on it, which the original owner did not send with the doll.)

      I would personally be a lot more willing to pay for a doll if it comes with it's original box. But that's not the case for everyone, nor would it be an issue for every doll company.

      My boxes are all stacked up on a closet shelf, out of sight. I've moved with them before and I essentially piled them all into a big cardboard box that I put in the moving truck. It was a little bit of a pain, but worth it, IMO.
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    12. I always keep them and prefer to have them when I buy a doll secondhand, but then I actually did use the boxes again when we moved, and if necessary will do so again in the future. If you're really not even using them for that, I guess it just comes down to whether you're willing to take a hit on the resale value or not.
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    13. I think a lot of people do care about the boxes when buying but it doesn't sound like you're too keen on selling them. I personally can't think of any better way to store my dolls and I rather like putting them comfortably in their boxes (except Nephel--she doesn't have one as she was a commission Dx I need a good way to store her). So I keep them of course but if you're not getting any use out of them, yeet that mess.
    14. I never thought I'd sell any of my dolls. My tastes (and income) have changed, so I'm selling a lot of my earlier purchases. I have been really glad that I kept at least some of the boxes. It's a real pain trying to find boxes that you can ship an SD in!
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    15. I keep them for resale value. The ones that break down flat were nice, because I could store them more easily. Though oftentimes people dont want them when you sell. Ive used them when I moved as well, because thats safe.
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    16. I've been keeping them, I flattened a few, but some I kept the insulation in the boxes. I got a couple second hand dolls and a Bobobie that didn't come with boxes, but I saved the rest.

      The boxes take up too much space. I don't plan on selling my dolls, I wonder if I should keep the boxes at all.
    17. I've kept most of mine, and used them to protect my dolls when I've moved. My littlest dolls are Fairyland tinies that I often store in their boxes. Some of my dolls are fantasy dolls from Soom, and I store the extra parts they came with in their boxes. I got rid of one of the Soom ones that was too big to store easily. I might get rid of the Granado one that's currently in my closet since it's rather big too.
    18. The only boxes I’ve kept have been my red littlefee box and my SD sized doll chateau box but that’s just because that box belongs to my ultimate grail. The only reason I kept the littlefee box was because of storing doll things, due to its magnet closing
    19. I store my dolls in the box at all times if I am not playing with them. So boxes are very important and useful for me.
    20. I actually store my dolls in a bookshelf that face away from the windows. I realize that's not "sun proof"but i'd much rather my dolls be out where i can enjoy them. And i store their accessories and stuff in a chest of drawers. I would say 90% of my dolls are Luts, a few artisans, and the rest are second hand that didn't come with their boxes.

      Thank you everyone for your input!! It was nice to see what everyone said :). Because my husband and I's goal long term is to move into a tiny home, I feel I need to spare down the boxes anyways. I might try to see how tough it would be to flatten them should I want ot keep them. I feel all of them except one has a coa, and the one that doesn't was an artisan doll i bought directly from them (it probably does have one, i just forgot! lol)
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