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Keeping Tinys Cozy and Warm

Jan 16, 2009

    1. It is so cold here in Ohio right now as I'm sure it is in much of the US!
      I was wishing I had a coat for little Chloe. I was cruising the tiny threads for inspiration, and I've seen a few nice winter photos. I thought it would be sweet to see pictures of dolls in coats or other winter clothes all in one place!

      Can anyone who as tinies in winter wear post them here? Maybe tell where you got them?
    2. [​IMG]

      Mimir loves winter XD
      Coat and hat by someone I bought it off on a convention ( not made particular for bjd's ) top from baby bratz and skirt and wig by me.
    3. Esme ..all wrapped up

      Gither in her woolies ..again one of my outfits
    4. Hasel, what a great photo! And you little one looks lovely in her white woolen coat!

      Tinybear, your knits are wonderful! And teenie tiny socks!!! Too too cute!

      This is what I'm talking about. they are warming me up just looking at them.
    5. my banji in her winteroutfit
    6. I make most of my scarves and beanies and sell them here on doa. =P but I have gotten a sweater from joannes. it was an ornament. =P

      Made her scarf and hes beanie.

      I made the book and hat and my lil sis made the jeans but I bought the sweater =]
    7. Wilkies, I love your little scene! It makes me want little animal friends too. :)
    8. Oh man, so cute! We had winter like weather (for us) in December making for a lovely Christmas, so I'm very thankful, but the last 2+ weeks have been miserably hot with fire watches and heavy hot wind. I'm praying for beautiful weather again!
    9. I have crocheted several hats and sweaters for my tinies. It doesn't get cold enough here in Texas for anything warmer than that.
      Here's my Little Fee Aimee:
      and my Bambicrony Kumi:
    10. Ooo I have one that I took the other day!
      I have already shown this one on the Yo-SD thread but this is my two Volks kids, Maddison (Tinatsu) and Jack (Ayumu). Maddy is wearing her winter coat and cashmere sweater, plus her jeans. This is a set made by Tonner for the Marley Wentworth dolls. It is so nicely made! I got it from Dolls and Friends in 2007, but they sometimes come up on ebay.

      Jack, who wouldn't wear a coat, because apparently it is 'cissy' to do so, is wearing his jeans and beanie hat made by me and his shirt is from the Mattel Ken doll.

      I'm afraid none of my other dolls have coats, because normally it doesn't get too cold here in southern Spain....well that's my excuse, I'm really just a bad mummy!!!

    11. Oooh that marley wentworth set is lovely, I never realized they could share clothes :3
    12. Thankyou spacemachine, I'm not sure they can share all of them as this is the only outfit made for Marley, that I have. The jeans are too long but because they are lined with white silky fabric, I didn't want to cut them because they'd have been ruined.
    13. Here's my Lati Green Lea in LeeAnn's Winter Wonderland outfit. I love the boots!
    14. These are wonderful and Toasty ! Keep them coming!

      wilkies. I love the scene you created in your photo! Beautiful.

      Haf.Jak and sweetiemom, I sure wish I could knit or crochet well! those tiny sweaters and hats look so cute. I only just learned to knit.

      dambuster, I love that coat!
    15. My pukis have some kelly coats and stuff and a handmade poncho...and some long sleeve dresses. Of course...mitten hands and wingtop boots!
    16. Oh, boy, she's adorable! And I already have that LeeAnn outfit -- and the LeeAnn ICE SKATER set, too -- but my only on-topic BJDs are a Puki and a So! Although I'm sure there will be plenty of cold weather left when I get my Narsha (due mid-February) and possibly even my LittleFee Ante (due April). So I will just point out (hope this is permissible) that the Winter Wonderland outfit is still available at www.leeann.ca , complete with boots, for $25. There are also jeans and jeans jackets in different colors and two slightly different sizes (the Lenny doll is bigger than LeeAnn), all VERY well made, especially at this price point. (PS, no, I don't get a commission, LOL).
    17. Here are my little boys in their new sweaters.

      #17 bakayaro onna, Jan 18, 2009
      Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
    18. Here's my Puki, Cocoa, in his new sweater and matching hat! He looks so snug!

    19. bakayaro onna, Your boys look so cute in their sweaters and I love their jeans too.
      Krissy, that has to be one of the cutest Puki's I have seen. I just to give him a hug and kiss his cheeks! His sweater and hat are darling.

      Anne Laurie, Thanks for posting that Leeanne link. They have a ton of cute stuff!
    20. Thanks! He wouldn't mind a hug and a kiss, I think!