Keeping your doll dustfree

Apr 18, 2018

    1. Since I don't have anything to really put my girl I just leave her on a table next to my bed where she won't fall off, and I use a really soft big make up brush that I don't use. It helps a lot.
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    2. Well, dust doesn't accumulate nearly as quickly now as when I lived on the farm with cats, dogs, horses, mud, hayfields, cottonwood trees and six other humans. City life is a bit more... sterile. I don't have carpets or pets. I also move and handle my dolls almost daily. If there is some dust accumulation, canned air is great! My collection has been expanding lately, though, so I am looking into cabinets so it won't be an issue at all.
    3. I'd go with the canned air as well. I've seen large figure and toy collections with tiny stuff being kept almost dust-free with canned air and light brushing.

      Also, the less dust you accumulate, the less you have to clean whether is the doll crew or the flat itself. This might an obvious one, but I had to read about this to actually realize it properly. :D I have a hard time starting to clean my studio flat so I've tried to lessen the amount of dust as best as I can. I collect furbies and they sit in a Ikea cabinet behind glass doors with my books. I have dogs (non-shedding breed, though) and I like carpets, but I try to keep my belongings in closed drawers and closets so they won't pile up on tables. This way the flat is easier to keep clean when I don't have to move stuff around to wipe etc. The more you have open space the easier it is to clean.

      My crafting table is a mess all the time and I bet some dust goblins keep farting dust in the air everyday (thanks a bunch). Or maybe it's the damn fabrics lying around. Maybe.
    4. I handle mine often so there is not dust on them
    5. Right now, I often store my dolls away when I am not photographing them. I don’t currently have a designated shelf for them to be dust free. I am looking for a shelving unit that is not only practical, but a piece of art in itself. If it happens to have glass doors, I would be very happy- but if not I have already decided that my solution for dust free display will be to purchase glass domes. I have two currently housing other items. I think this would be difficult for my Feeple60 girl though, so I am not sure what to do about that.
    6. I have a hobby room in my house that I keep the door shut most often. I don't open the windows due to allergies and I keep a fan on all year long to keep the air circulating in there. They get some dust but not much. I also used canned air in a pinch.
    7. Thank you to all who have replied--this was exactly the thread I needed right now! :D
    8. I love the idea of cleaning with a large, soft makeup brush. I move my girls around so I can see them, otherwise will store in the box or in a closed cupboard.
    9. I have to keep my dolls in the cabinet or their own box to keep them away from dust. I have a middle size doll family. Even I play my doll often. But only one or two dolls each time. Lol. I can never play 4+ dolls at the same time. Most of my dolls are 1/3 size dolls, they are too heavy for me. So average, for each doll of mine, the frequency I play him/her may only be once per 2 months.
    10. ^ This is what I do as well. If they're sitting out, their area gets dusted regularly. I also have a few of my dolls in a glass case, so that helps minimize the dust.
    11. I had to invest in a display cabinet, there is no getting around dust. They spend short periods on other shelves but are mainly kept safe in display cabinets.

    12. I find this works well too for the face, and a clean swifter dry dust cloth for wigs and clothes
    13. This is how I do it. I change their clothes frequently and I take a ton of photos every few days so they’re constantly moving around. I also have them in a closed room with an air conditioning vent in it so I make sure to dust it often. :)
    14. I have a make up brush I think it's intended for putting blush on or something? it's big and very very soft and I use that to brush the dust off their faces/out of their eyes. And then I just kinda dust off their clothes with my hands?

      I have big handkerchiefs draped over my doll shelves most of the time tho.
    15. Sticky tape, I don’t know what it’s called exactly, but one that can be used to clean cat hair from clothes, so this tape helps to dust off doll clothes. Then I usually just brush the dust off doll face and hair. That’s it.