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KellySally Doll by AJUMAPAMA

Aug 26, 2010

    1. Ajumapama Korea has created their very own BJ cutie! Come meet KellySally Doll. Special Launching gifts for the first 30 to purchase a Basic Set and/or first 30 to purchase a Limited Set.


      **KellySally size**
      *Height: 22cm
      *Head: 15cm (5~6 inch WIG)
      - the head circumstance is about 5 inch, but 6 inch fits too.
      *Eye: 14~16mm
      *Neck: 5.5cm
      *Bust: 11cm
      *Shoulder: 5.5cm
      *Weist: 10cm
      *Hip: 12.5cm
      *Arm: 7.5cm(Hand inclusion)
      *foot: 11cm (Foot inclusion)
      *Foot: 3.2cm

    2. I was going to ask if there were pictures of the body without clothes somewhere, but if you click on "zoom" under the pictures it will take you to a picture of the body without clothes. Just thought I would pass that on.
    3. Thanks, should have pointed that out. The body pictures are only on the Basic Sets, Kelly and Sally. I will try to get them on the Limited Sets in a little while.

    4. Is Eugene on a boy body? The only body pictured is female, but Eugene seems styled as a boy.
    5. I haven't seen any in person yet, but I am pretty sure Eugene is on a girl body. It would surprise me if they did a boy body and then only did one boy design to sell.