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Ken no Kokoro Dolls: New mold and preorder period

Apr 6, 2012

    1. Ken no Kokoro Dolls opens his pre-order from his two heads: Amparita02 and Miguelito
      This pre-order period will be from 6th April to 21th the same month with a price of 135USD during the pre-order and then 150USD. Both heads will be professionally casted by Dollshe and you can chose this house's six types of skintone (pale tan, tan and ebony with an additional cost of 18USD)

      Ken no Kokoro Dolls reserves the right to close this pre-order if number of requests is too high, or cancel the order of one or both heads if there are no enough orders, where in that case the money would be refund in his totality including paypal fees.





      Enjoy your shopping~!
      Thank you for your interest!