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Keriko's Feedback

Oct 18, 2007

    1. So here's the place to write about it, the good, the awesome, the fantastic experience you've had. :lol:

      No seriously if you've done business with me in any way write about it here. Be honest. Be heard. :)
    2. I sold DOC WI to Keriko, and very happy about it.
      She is a very nice girl and finished the payment very quickly.
      Please love him and help me say "sorry" to him T-T
    3. Comissioned me for a faceup. Great to work with and paid on spot.
    4. Great buyer, wonderful comunication, and I have no doubt in my mind that my girl went to the right home with her.
    5. Keriko bought some shoes from me ^____^
      she paid super fast and let me know when they arrived,
      even showed me a picture of her girlie =w=
    6. Commissioned some clothes from her for my MNFs, they are well made, and just as I specified. Great communication~
    7. Keriko was in my dollmore group order. She paid quickly and was a great pleasure to work with.
    8. I bought a hoodie and pants outfit from Keriko, and it arrived today. I'm very happy with the quality, and will definitely buy from her again-- correspondence was fast and informative, reference and progress photos much appreciated!

      She even put up with my inquiries about a pattern/color-mix of plaid fabric, and found just what I wanted! :) She made the outfit quickly, and it arrived within a few days.

      Kisa is very happy with his new clothing! :D Thanks, Keriko~
    9. awesome awesome person to do business with. i commissioned a hinata jacket from her for my elfdoll tiny. and it was perfect! so cute. 1005 likey to be commisioning from her again.
    10. Sold a wig to Keriko who was wonderful to deal with. Friendly emails. No problems. Thanks.
    11. I bought two whole outfits from Keriko. She was a total sweeting to do business with. The outfits look sooo cute on my girl and they all fit her like she was actually there for Keriko to measure. :) I will happily commission from her as soon as I have a new dolly who needs to be dressed. ;)

      A+++++++ for Keriko. Commish her and see for yourself! ;)
    12. I recently sold a pair of boots to Keriko and everything went wonderfully smoothly. :)

      Quick payment and fast 'n' friendly PMs.

      Thanks! :)
    13. Keriko custom made me two tee shirts (with Alice Cooper on them!!!!) for my MSDs-- they were great, delivered on time, no problem-0! A pleasure! I thank you and my Hid and my Fei thank you very much!
    14. Commissioned a marmalade boy t-shirt for my 60cm obitsu. great, very well made t-shirt. and VERY VERY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    15. Commisioned an 'Aiden' Band T-shirt for my Blake (MNF Shushu mod. Boy).
      Very great communication.
      and Awesomely Nice Person!

      Would and most likely will commision her Again soon!

      Thank You, Keriko! Blake is very happy!
    16. bought a Rocky horror shirt from her was super creepy fast and it looks great:) will be buying more in the future
    17. I sold Keriko an AOD 1/3 WS body with Dollmore clothes. She is a very nice person and had a quick payment and quick and helpful PMs. I would definately sell/buy from her in the future because my experience was very nice.
      Wonderful Buyer overall!
    18. Keriko made me an outfit. She was very enthusiastic and nice to talk to throughout the whole transaction, and the outfit arrived safely. :)
    19. I cannot begin to say what a wonderful person Keriko is to work with!!! I commissioned her for a rush cosplay for my boy. It came out perfect! She was soooo incredibly awesome and shipped the outfit out to me before my payment cleared so my boy could wear it to the Con we are attending this weekend!!!! :D:D:D You have no idea how good that makes me feel!

      Keriko is a wonderful person, a talented seamstress, and just all around full of WIN. A great person to work with, you should totally try it sometime! ;)
    20. Keriko bought a tank top from me. She's always so wonderful to deal with!