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Kid Delf Head + Mini Fee Body? Hybrid

Apr 2, 2006

    1. Hello everyone!

      I recently decided that I need a mini, but I'm debating between getting a Mini Fee (because I love the Lishe) but recently saw one of the optional Kid Delf heads (No.1006) that I am just dying for to fit in with my family!

      I was just wondering if anyone has put a Kid Delf head on a Mini Fee body (if you even can) and how it looks/fits?...


      ....Mod note....
      This is Kid Delf Head and Mini fee Hybrid discussion.
    2. If you look in this thread, you can see pictures of Ivy (Ttory head/MNF body). I also have a gallery of images here (some are nude photos that show the head/body combination well).

      No modification is needed to put a KD head on a Mini-Fee body, and I'm quite pleased with Ivy's poseability/proportions/etc., she's one of my favorite dolls ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    3. I know Ashbet already said so, but I just wanted to say that the Mini Fee and Kid Delf dolls take the same wig size, so their heads should be fairly proportionate if you change them. :) Other "mature" looking MSD sized dolls like Unoa or 43cm Narae have smaller wig sizes.

      I'm glad your wish can work out! And they just put up on the luts website the option to buy Mini Fee bodies seperately, too! (Or was that longer ago and I'm just slow at noticing these things? heheh)
    4. I looked for a thread but couldn't find one (it may be there, but I didn't see it :blush ) that actually answers my queries...

      point me in the right direction if there is one that can help ok.

      1) Kid Delf wigs are the same size as mini-fee heads... does this mean a kid-delf head can be put on a mini-fee body?
      2) Have you seen this and does it:
      a) Look strange like two pieces joined together rather than one body? (If you understand what I mean)
      and b) do you think that only certain kid-delf heads "suit" the body, without looking *creepy*


    5. Yes, kid-delf heads can go on MNF bodies. ^_^ It looks quite nice, in my opinion. Others have put other MSD heads on MNF bodies and it works well.
    6. I was actually wondering about this too, as there's a .4cm difference in neck size (supposedly) but looks like they work fine!

      ranmanekineko's pic request thread was quite helpful: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64746

      Yay! Now I can get a 1003 kid head and a MNF body worry-free!! :D
    7. Hope this helps!
      You'll love the posing possibilities and the expressiveness of the hands.
    8. You have to remove the new mechanism that the new Delf bodies have. You can do it without breaking the mechanism, it just requires manual dexterity. You also have to get an S hook that will fit the Kid Delf Head. The one they have in the mechanism is way to small. Make sure you have a hemostat (I think I spelled that right) so you don't loose the string. :)

      I hope that helped.
    9. Nah you've lost me....

      Is it what this thread is going on about?

      How do I know what S hook to buy?

      and where do I get a hemostat (is that the thing you put to "hold" the string?) Does eluts or dollmore sell them?
    10. You don't actually need a hemostat, you can use needle-nosed pliers or put a chopstick through -- basically, it's just to keep the string from popping down into the body when the tension is released.

      (I have 89273487324 dolls and no hemostats, although I keep intending on getting some!)

      You can buy an appropriately-sized S-hook at a hardware store, or you can buy them from Luts:


      They also sell hemostats/forceps, if you wanted them:


      Hope this helps!

      -- A :>
    11. It helps an awful lot. Thankyou.

      The Luts S hook if for "all". Is that ok? coz you said the S hook with the body is the wrong size. Will it be big enough?

      If I buy it at a hardware store do you know what size I'd be looking at (I assume it would be in many sizes.) anyone?
    12. The S hook in the MNF body is different than the one that Luts sells. I get mine at the Home Depot - there are really only two sizes that concern doll people, they're about 1" and 2". For the KDF, use the 1" one. They come in packages of abount 6 or so and are much cheaper than getting them through a doll manufacturer. :)
    13. ... kid delf head girl + minifee body girl ...

      Is there any problem with standing up position?
      Is the head heavy for the mnf body?
      Does te head fit perfect (not moving on its own)? Can the head fall?
      Do Luts join this 2 parts when I order them together?

    14. My Ani, QiXa, works wonderfully with the MNF body! Actually- I don't think she looks like her head is too big for her body- the neck hole fits the MNF neck really well and you really can't tell they were not originally the same doll. You WILL have to take the neck mechanism off the MNF body and because the 'S' hook is so small for the MNF body, you will have to use a larger 'S' hook to connect the head and body. As for the neck breaking- the MNF neck is made very strong and works very good with the Ani head-and the MNF body is close to Kid Delf in size- it just has smaller scale hands, waist and legs, but isn't that much smaller over all, so the scale isn't so much smaller that her head will look bad. The head is not floppy at all, will not fall if attached right. QiXa stands wonderfully- not over balanced by her head or anything.
    15. ranmanekineko can you show us QiXa nude without wig? Just to see how is the scale of the joined parts.
      Can you take pics like this example?
      Sure it will help a lot to people who dreams with this doll but are not sure at all because the "problem" of scale ^^
    16. Ok- I hope these pics help you see the Ani head is not too big for a MNF body.
      QiXa was not happy about being nekkid on the table, but she knows this might help another Ani get a great body, so she did it. :)
    17. Okay y'all, I need some serious help here. :eek: Please?

      I'm not even sure I'm posting in the right place.

      But check this out. I received my CP MNF today from Luts. I'd ordered a Woori head because I plan to put the Woori head on the small-busted MNF body and sell the No. 7 head. I assUmed that the Woori head would fit, and Presto! my day would be complete.

      Wrong! The No. 7 head is equipped with that latching mechanism and the neck on the MNF body is too long and too wide. Here are pics to show what I mean:

      No. 7 head on MNF bod (looking good):

      Woori head on MNF bod (oh, no):

      Detail pics showing the differences in the neck sizes and neck openings:

      I presume that I have to make some mods, like sawing off part of the neck and creating more of a taper. --I've never done anything like that before. :nowords:

      So, if anyone has any input to offer, I would really appreciate it!

      Thank you!

    18. Hi, well, I wound up sawing off a few millimeters from the neck on the MNF body and then sanding it to the desired taper with ascending grades of sandpaper (between 60 and 200). The head now fits the body, but I haven't put the doll together yet or added any finishing touches, hence, no pictures. :|

      The moral of the story is, if you're not afraid to do your own mods, a kid delf head can be made to fit the MNF body. I was sure disappointed, though, that it wasn't a ready fit right out of the box.

      If anyone else has made the same or similar mods, I'd be very interested in seeing pics. Also, I'll take pics whenever I get around to completing my doll (Lord only knows when that will be).