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Kid Delf head on Minifee Body Hybrid

Jul 3, 2007

    1. A few questions ^^ Not plnning on buying now, but harm in future planning, eh?

      I would love a Kid Delf Bory girl, but even though a lot of the Kid Delfs come in both boy and girl, Bory doesn't =(

      Is it possible to ask Luts to include a girl body instead of a boy body for Bory? Will the head even fit without modification? Thanks ^_^
    2. Luts will not exchange the bodies. A lot of people ask if they can swich a Soo girl body into a Soo mature body, but they wont do it. So I would say they wont do it. I say your best bet is buy the set and sell off the boy body and get a girls.
    3. i just might really be planning to get a BJD at last with a KD Ani head on a MNF boy... i realize that the MNF neck system is different than the normal older KD ones... and since the KD head doesn't really have the neck part to hold and fit into the neck system, how do you people attach your hybrids? really want to know!!!

      pictures would be great!!! thanks a lot!!!
    4. I use a Luts "neck piece" to hold Ivy's head on -- she's a hybrid Ttory head with MNF body.

      This is the Delf "neck part" -- I believe there may be a smaller-sized Kid Delf size one that comes with Kid Delf heads, but you could ask Luts on their Q&A board (or someone who has more recently ordered a KD head may be able to answer this question.)

      I removed the "one touch neck system" that sits on top of the MNF body's neck (it's attached by an S-hook), put in a normal S-hook, and secured it with the "neck part". You can also skip the "neck part" altogether and attach the Kid Delf head's inner resin hook to a normal S-hook, but it's easier on my hands to use the "neck part".

      Hope this makes sense! Good luck ^_^

      -- Andi <3
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    5. well since the Ani head is one of their earlier dolls, does that mean if i order the head it will still come with the Kid Delf neck piece? even if i order those two separately, is there an S-hook along with it? i really don't mind pictures cause that will give me a better understanding... i kinda get what you mean, but yup, pictures will help...

      first time getting a BJD so i wanna get myself prepared... XD gonna order on my birthday... totally excited and nervous... that's why i wanna be well-prepared... ^_^
    6. Honestly, just to make sure you're prepared, I'd order an extra S-hook (also found on the Luts site, in the same section as the neck piece) -- the MNF body doesn't come with a normal-sized S-hook.

      I'm not very good at taking photos of the insides of heads, but I'll see what I can do for you :kitty2

      -- A <3
    7. OK, here we go!

      Here's Ivy:


      Here you can see that her S-hook is held in place by the Kid Delf neck piece (which I could swear came with her head -- and she's an older head as well. Definitely verify with Luts that you're getting one with your Ani head, though!)


      Here is her headcap, showing the resin hook. You can attach the S-hook to this hook and skip out on the neck piece altogether, but since I like to change out Ivy's eyes frequently, using the neck piece works better for me.


      Hope this helps!

      -- A :)
    8. thanks... that definitely helps a lot... now i know just what to hold the S-hook... XD now that would be adding some cash into it again... oh no... i hadn't wanted my own birthday present to turn out to be that expensive... >_>

      and oh speaking of that... i checked that the Kid Delf option parts DO NOT have the extra neck piece... >_> i really hope they come with it... anyone who has purchased a recent Kid Delf head can confirm Ashbet's on the neck-piece?
    9. The S-hooks are only five dollars :>

      If you ask Luts to send a Kid Delf neck piece along with your head, I think they would. They're generally good about that.

      -- A :)
    10. They come with that neck piece, my Ttori head did!