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Kid Dollmore Boy & Girl Pado Discussion

Aug 29, 2007

    1. For some reason, Girl Pado reminds me of Boy Amos. No idea why :roll:
      But Boy Pado is so cute :D
    2. I'm very interested in the girl pado as a first doll...the price is right (seeing as I can't afford any of the dolls in my wishlist yet) and she is adorable for a DM kid doll. I was considering U-Jee before, but I think Pado is prettier, and her eyes are lovely.

      That said, I'd really love the boy pado head on the girl's body.;)
    3. oh my! The girl Pado has the look I am looking for in a doll for my character. ^^
      Their eyes are lovely. Definite LOVE. :D
      Ahhh..She's on my wishlist now. :love
    4. Wow--I am in love :aheartbea

      Well, I've been trying to decide on a little girl doll for a loooong time and this little face has captivated me. You know when you're looking for something and you don't know what it is and then you find it? I love the side glance and that expression! Looks so much like my middle daughter at that age--same hair, same face type, and that side glance! She still gives me that look. I gotta get this girl--and name her Melissa :)
    5. LisaMarie, she is adorable! I think you will be happy with Dollmore quality, it is really nice. They are both just lovely, Dollmore is doing some nice stuff lately.
    6. I nearly DIED when I saw these new kids! Pado is just GORGEOUS! My Aidan got a bit jealous when I decided to forgo getting her a new body in hopes of just getting a Pado head instead XD
    7. They have the cutest profiles! That so gets me. And how they switch from having sad to pissed of expressions, luvs it.
      Adds to wishlist.
    8. Yup, on my wishlist too! I love all of the new faces Dollmore is doing.
    9. i saw them late last night and fell in love.
      ...i may as well start saving my money for the girl....haha.
    10. :aheartbea They are so adorable!
      I think Pado might be just the right doll to fit a character I've wanted to do since I got into bjds.
      Definetly on my wishlist, as well ^^
    11. I just found Pado girl tonight in my browsing for interesting MDS's. I think she is exquisite--wonderful eyes! And then I came here and you're discussing her. Must be Karma, don't you think? She's going to the top of my wishlist.
    12. Oh man and like not too long ago I was saying "Man, Dollmore really needs to come out with more kids!" XD *happy* Boy Pado's little story killed me cute! Not too sure how I feel about him yet.. I think his eyes are a bit too far apart for my liking but, he is really drawing my attention ;.;/! I love his glare and profile ;3;

      ... crap, the more I stare at him the more potential I see..

      Ok, I think I want him. >x> ...

      *do want*

    13. They're cute but I still like my asha better. :3
    14. Stella Maris--I do plan on getting her as soon as I can swing it. She seems a good price too, but her face! Amazing when this happens. She does look a little sad or miffed. I like Chamin too for an older sister and if I ever fall for a model doll of theirs it will be Lisa Rubik.

      So many dolls and so many real kids--I have 4 too. The real kids are so much more pricey though :)
    15. Cute. I like Dollmore kids. Love the body and posing of them. Of course the cute faces too. I am fond of the elf ears. I wish more had optional elf ears. Still...gotta like em.
    16. I'm considering this doll, the girl one, although I actually like the boy's photo better, but this doll really fit a character I have in mind! I'm really not sure though, I'll have to see after I buy the other dolls I have planned X3;
    17. I'm getting my pado soon. I hope to get the shipping number tomorrow. She'll be my first BJD. I srsly CANT WAIT *squeals*

      I'll have to link you guys to the pictures so you can see some different views of her. Cause i did some photoshopping and decided she might look good in short hair so we'll see.

      I srsly can't wait till she gets here though. XD
    18. Boy Pado sort of reminds me of a more realistic Hodoo... and I want him so much ^^; I've always liked the look of Dollmore's boys, Pado looks slightly more grown up compaired to the others. :aheartbea

      all these cute boys... I cant save cash now ;;
    19. im currently saving for a girl Pado shes sooooo cute and kinda reminds of a slightly older Elle Fanning dakota fannings younger sister!!!