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Kids from Castle Anne

Sep 19, 2007

    1. They are really strange....

      and no pictures for Rang and Tiffany
    2. They look a bit 'creature-ish' to me as if they were half horse or something...the big girl Anne is so very pretty, these are an interesting contrast.
    3. Oh, certainly not of this world. I quite like Cho and Ringo.

      no its dropped out all over my keyboard
      I'm in love with those feet

      love CHO ...hopes they are very tiny ....jigging about trying to find basket button
    5. tinybear hyperventilates

      look at those hands

      Im selling my Blythe ...Im selling those floating heads

      Im in LOVE ...looks like the Roondoll will have to wait
    6. Hee, tinybear. I just blew my dolly budget on a Domadoll, I'm eyeing my Blythes right now... Everything seems to be out of stock, though. I'll probably make an enquiry tomorrow.
    7. Well, they certainly have a lot of character! I'll wait for Tinybears real life pictures, cause I know she'll have to have each one, hee hee.
    8. Oooh they're so cute, I really like their little bodies, they stand just like a toddler would stand!
    9. If someone pings me (PM or post in Tiny Size Chart thread) when measurements are put up, I will add them to the chart.

    10. Cho is darling! :) But yikes! What a price!? Wonder what all comes with for that?
    11. They remind me of the claymation characters from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".
      I like them
    12. I like Ringo, though I'm not sure if I would buy one. Always nice to see dolls with a different aesthetic, though. They're very stylized, I can't wait to see what people do with them.
    13. Hi, just called them. They're not quite sure when they will be released, we have a long holiday coming up next week (Chuseok, our equivalent of Thanksgiving) so they might be swamped. I've been told their official offline debut is on October 7th, at the Doll Freemarket here in Seoul.

      Height : 27.5 cm
      Head : 6.5 inch

      So, they're definitely tinies.
      The company has said they would post more info here, btw.
    14. They look too weird for me. I keep seeing them as String Puppets. I don't know why...
      I can't scold then for trying to look different though, but they are just too weird for me. I'm sure a lot of people will love them.
    15. hopeing they arnt available untill October ...thats after Miniatura
      weeeeee I NEED Cho

      Im gonna be gutted if they are limmited and I cant get one
    16. I want to get one, paint it blue, and call it Rob Anybody >w<
    17. I love them. Those cute little FEET!!!!!

    18. ROFL ...thats a def with those feet

      I WISH ...yes you guessed it they had a little boy body
      if one came on a little boy body

      OMG ...I would sell my soul
    19. Woah, they are really cute! I think Ringo is probably my fav face. I love their little bowed legs and those toes! Definately no-one going to be calling "copycat" on these little darlings. Marvelous sweeping curves and organic joints. Wish there were a little boy, though.