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Kids-Sky Tinies Discussion: Amber and Bobo so far

Oct 20, 2016

    1. I hope it's OK to start this here, since I couldn't find one that already existed. I recently got a Kids-Sky Amber and I ADORE him! I'm still working on his clothing, and I'm sorry about the crummy pics. I got my camera out and popping up the flash killed the first battery pack. I swapped out the pack, and the other one got as far as ONE blurry pic before IT died, LOL! I took some pics with my phone, and they're yellow and not awesome but I sharing them ANYWAY, dammit! ^_^ I'm hoping to take some better pics tomorrow.

      I'm waiting on a different wig for him, but I adore the eyes he came with, and the faceup, too! I'm really happy with his construction, balance and poseability, too! He's just a little sweetie.

      I'm still working on his name, but so far, in my mind, he's a wealthy little guy who dresses very posh - a bit Ciel Phantomhive-esque, but not damaged like poor C. I'm in the process of making clothing much like he has in his promo pics. I'm really happy with the knickerbockers and the shirt turned out much better than I'd exoected. I have a vest (still!) in the works, and the socks are temporary. He'll be getting longer ones that don't leave any leg exposed.

      @PeppermintPocky , @catsyte , @NekoNyanMew


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    2. Well, those didn't work :(. They were fine in the preview.I'm adding a few more, and we'll see what happens.


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    3. Aw he sounds just adorable!! Does doa have a glitch where it doesnt show pictures? I cant see them
    4. AWW that picture worked! He is so so adorable..thank you so much for sharing!!
    5. Yes, It's done that to me a lot with other people's pictures. I'm not sure what's going on, because I used the same process for all 4. O_o

      Thanks! And you're welcome! Can't wait to see yours!! Do you have a ship date yet?
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    6. Oh man thats weird!! Me too oh my gosh I'm so excited. I dont yet! I ordered her on september 26th from alice's collections though so I'm hoping she'll ship soon!!
    7. OMG that's so exciting!! I think mine took about 2 mos, and I ordered from Alice's, too. Did you order with faceup? I did, and I'm super happy with it, doubly so since it's not something I can do myself.
    8. Awww! I love your little guy, @Geekmama---his knickerbockers look super cute on him. :whee:
    9. Congratulations @Geekmama! He looks super duper adorable.

      My Amber is going to be in fancy pants clothing as well. I ordered him a set from LUTS, so I'll post photos once it arrives!

      How long did it take until he shipped? I know you were waiting a while.
    10. I ordered without faceup! I'm an artist so I'm confident i can do it myself and I'm super excited about it! While my dolly comes I'm working on getting all the right faceup supplies
    11. @PeppermintPocky Thank you!! :D

      @NekoNyanMew Thanks! I just looked at my emails and I ordered him on Jul 13th and got my ship notice on Sept 11.

      @catsyte , that is so cool that you'll be doing his faceup! It's nice that you'll have time to get all your supplies ready. And I *think* he might ship a little sooner, too! :)
    12. Are other 1/6 Kids-Sky sculpts welcome in this thread? I just received an adorable Bobo boy as a gift and would love a place to spam him! :love

      This is William, my Kids-Sky Bobo:


      I need to buy him some clothes and a wig so I he can star in a proper photoshoot!
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    13. @PeppermintPocky he is absolutely welcome here! What a sweet face! I can't wait to see how you style him! I'm stiull working on my Amber. Between being rather under the weather lately and using my good time to work on a costume for Youmacon (Detroit Anime convention) I've got nothing more done for my sweetie. I've been working on his name, though. I think I've almost got it. :D
    14. Thank you kindly. :daisy

      I look forward to seeing more photos of your Amber. :) I hope to make some cozy pajamas for William, just so he can have some clothes until I decide on his actual outfit. I don't want the little guy being naked for long!

      I'm sorry to read you've been under the weather lately. Sending get well wishes your way! :hug:
    15. Amber and Bobo are adorable (: I ordered a Kids Sky Tutu and I hope he's as well done as the others nwn

      its really hard to find any information on Kids Sky YoSDs ónò Tutu is gonna be my first doll and I'm kind of worried because I can't find any reviews on that sculpt.
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    16. Quick photo of Bobo in the pajamas I made him. Please pardon his wig---it's temporary.


      YAY! Congrats on your Tutu! :D I love that sculpt. I have seen a few floating around Instagram, and there's a cool review of the sculpt on YouTube:

      I hope that helps calm your concerns. :daisy I'm sure your Tutu will be awesome! Do you have any plans in mind for them, yet? I just ordered a wig for my Bobo and I'm really hoping it works for him. :sweat
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    17. Thank you so much! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, I'm actually in the hospital with my first baby so I have gotten three of my four babies this month (two kittens and the baby, then Tutu will be the next addition to our household)!

      Tutu will be a twelve year old, transgender witch named Logan from a story I have been working on for years.

      She's my first doll after seven+ years of waiting to get into the hobby, so I decided to make a character that was very dear to my heart. She is named after the child who died and donated their heart to my four year old cousin, without Logan we wouldn't have Trinity. She has mild autism as well, like the real life Logan, my brother, and cousin.

      So between the origin of her name, her story being heavily influenced by my girlfriend and I's struggles as transgender individuals as well as my brother and cousin's struggles with autism, the fact that she's my first doll after so long of waiting, and the fact that she is coming to us at the same time as the other tiny members of the family (and coincidentally my cousins birthdays), she is a very sentimental doll for me ♡

      Thank you again for the pictures of your little boy, even with the temp. wig he is absolutely adorable, and for the video link! Watching it and replying has given me something to do while my baby gets the first round of tests done and my girlfriend gets a nap (:
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    18. Oh wow! Congrats on your new baby (and kittens)! What wonderful bundles of joy! :daisy I wish health and happiness to your family as it continues to grow. :)

      The story behind your incoming Logan is very touching. I am glad your young cousin was able to get the transplant needed, and your idea behind Tutu's name is a wonderful way to honor Trinity's donor, IMO. My dad was an organ donor (he died when I was in college), and sometimes I remind myself he is still alive in those his gift may have saved. It comforts me, you know? Anyway, I wish Trinity a long, happy, healthy life! <3

      I am also very excited to learn more about your Tutu's character and to see photos when the time comes! I can see why she is so sentimental to you. I tend to infuse my own pain, struggles, etc. into my characters, too. He's off topic for this thread, but my dear Owen is transgender (although I don't mention that on DOA too often---especially since his story is set in the mid-1990s, which makes explaining his past to the modern world extra complicated). Over the years, I've created other characters scattered within the umbrella (as gender is a topic of great importance to me), but I haven't bought their doll forms, yet.

      Apologies for going off tangent, heh. I hope you don't mind. :sweat Anyway, as a parent, myself, I want to wish you congrats again on your newborn! Be sure to rest when you can---you and your girlfriend will need it! ;)
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    19. Sorry for the double-post, but William received his blond Code Noir wig in the mail today! I was thrilled with the color but not-so-much with the style, so I decided to take him to Minty's Barber Shoppe:


      Much better! :D
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