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Kill_u 2nd and Special to be sold Jan. 6th

Dec 4, 2005

    1. http://k-doll.com/doll.htm

      Blood is doing another run of heads with Kill_u 2nd and Special Kill_u on the 6th of January. There will also be limited heads for sale with face-ups.

      I would like to get probably both versions with face-ups, and probably both without. >.>

      I already have one Special, but I love doing face ups with Bloods' sculpts. ^^
    2. I did a search, but I didn't see an answer. How do you order from K-Doll?
    3. She has an English message board that you can post on. Sometimes people have trouble with posting though, so you can also email her. You can pay by Western Union or concealed cash.
    4. lol. Yeah. It's a pretty nutty time to release them. heh heh

      And I don't know if group orders are going to be possible. Blood is limiting the amount of heads that can be sent per person. So orders are likely as not, going to have to be individual, unless a 2 or so people want to order the heads, but of different color, or style. >.>
    5. I'm guessing Tristan is one of those special limited heads with a faceup, but I can't read Korean, so I may be wrong. (It's happened before >_> )

      I've put the pictures on my own photobucket account, if there's a problem with that, tell me!



      I think he's gorgeous. ^_^

      Pictures were found here.
    6. thesaraghina: Tristan isnt one of the face up heads for sale.. he's Blood's kid... XD thats why he has a name~ and the volks cecil head next to him is his lover XD;;

      dieCG: you e-mailed Blood an order? -_-; she only takes orders on the day she puts up the 'order now!' post though~ :x
    7. ::sobs:: I don't know how to pay by Western Union. (T___T) And I'm not putting cash in an envelope in hopes that it'll reach safely.

      If someone ordering can order one head for me, (hopefully with a faceup but blank is more then okay) I'll pay them commission fee of 8%, half shipping of to you from Korea, and then full shipping to me. (T___T) If that's too low I'll try to get more.

      So, Kill_U second has the eye folds, but Kill_U special has none and is white skinned?
    8. Kill_u 2nd has eyelid folds, and comes in both colors. Special Kill_u has no eyefolds, fuller lips, and comes in both colors, as well.
    9. Mortimer, depending on where you live and if you have a credit or debit card, you can arrange a Western Union payment online at http://www.westernunion.com/ . I checked just now, and it looks like they'll allow payments to South Korea from the US through their system (which is more than my effing debit card will allow!).
    10. I can't seem to sign up for the K-doll website....can someone help me....

      a bunch of ???? ????? keep popping up and I don't know what it means -.-; and I'm having no luck as to getting this to work and I really want to get into this order ...
    11. If you are unable to post, then you will have to email. You can't 'join' the board, because you aren't in Korea. It's a zip code sort of thing.

      And it may be a pain in the butt, Fu, but you could take the cash to a direct Western Union station, somewhere. >.O

      Meh... Everything just has to be an effen challange with banks. :P
    12. I like the head--which body is a good match?
    13. How come there's no Kill_u, just Kill_u 2 and Kill_u special?
      I love the pouty lips on the original kill_u...
    14. there is a kill_u.. or rather, there was a kill_u ^^; he's not being produced anymore :x only way to get him now is to find him on an auction or something... :O same for kian and kayan ;o;
    15. Just a quick question so I know how much to set aside, how much were the blank heads last order period?
    16. EDITED : oh wait - I just found the post on the BBS with the pricing ($120) right where it says "Order form + Price of the Head"... *gah* It's too early on a holiday morning here.. (5am) >.< Ignore me! *lol*

      *blinks* Am I completely missing pricing here? Or is it that you have to be a member to "log-in" and thus see pricing... *really liking the look of Kill_u 2* :confused​
    17. For any one that has emailed her an order all ready and is expecting a responce, I have a quote taken from one of her last preorders:

    18. I can give some link piccys to my Kill_u special on a Luts. I can tell ya, the resins are remarkably similar. I had to really strain to tell the difference. On an SD body, it's a bit more off. My Kohya is a white skinned SD, so I tried it out. I think the BW heads go much better with the Luts bodies.

      Sales start on the 6th of this month, January. So basically 1-2 more days now, depending on your time zone. :D

    19. Hi there Kado -

      You can see the announcement as soon as you go to the "Doll Shop" section - it was the first one (top) of the list when I looked, and was in red. :)
      I was looking at the English Page, but I'm pretty sure that the Korean and Japanese say something DIFFERENT - Blood is selling them in regions from what it looks like, and Japan is up right now, and then "international" which would be the rest of us.