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Kilt For MSD Boy?

Jan 25, 2008

    1. Does anyone know where I can get a kilt for a 45cm size boy?

      I mean a genuine looking man's kilt, not a girlie mini-kilt or anything like that.

      I've not been able to find one anywhere.

      A sporran would be nice too, but that's probably asking too much!

      Thanks peeps.
    2. The sporran seems like it'd be easier than the kilt; I haven't been able to find any good tartans in doll scale ;___;
    3. This is probably no help at all, but while visiting Scotland I bought a kilt that was supposed to go around a beer can (oh, the tourist lolz), and it fit my MNF perfectly. It has a sporran and everything.
      Observe this rather terrible pic:

      ...It's Kitten, on the right, in the beer can kilt by the way. Hilarious.
    4. The beer can kilt is way cool! There is no reason why you could not make a kilt-- it is nothing but a rectangular piece of fabric (this I know as my husband wore one as best man in a wedding), which is tucked and pinned.
    5. Dollheart made a fantastic Scottish MSD-sized outfit, called Whelp of Highland, or something. It's been sold out for awhile, but you could try the MP for it. I own it, and it's an amazing little piece of work, even down to the sporran and ghillie shoes. :) Lemme see if I can find a pic.

      Edit: Here we go! Sorry it's a terrible pic!

    6. Oh wow, Thanks guys!

      I thought I might be asking the impossible but you came good.

      The Dollheart outfit is fab. I'll have to check the MP, when I qualify.

      Morganatron, your dolls rock! That beer can kilt, well to a Melburnian I have to say...
      "It's noice, it's different, it's unyoosual"...
      Just shows the things you can adapt for BJD use eh?
    7. LOL!!!! Yes, it's amazing what you can use. Kitten's crown is from the Tower of London, I only seemed to but doll sized souveneirs on my travels!:sweat
    8. That beer can kilt is pretty funny. Kilts are easy to make, depending on how authentic you want it. I made a sca-ish cheater kilt for my fiance to wear to a wedding, I had to do a bunch of research as the groom was in the sca and I didn't want Brian to look sill(ier?).

      Authentic pre 16th century Men's kilts do not have pleats in front, so the beer can kilt is actually more authentic than the dollheart outfit. They pleat to about the hip bones then there is a straight panel over the space between the hip bones. As Bellydancer said a authentic kilt is not sewn but tucked and pinned. I made a cheater kilt because he did not want to bother with the rolling, tucking and pinning before the wedding. The pleats were actually sewn in and it was just a simple kilt not a great kilt.

      Mostly to make you need material in scale and then cut to top? of the dolls knees (read site) and then pleat except the front. I made his kilt awhile ago so i'm not 100% on the exact details.

      good luck it sounds like it will be cute.

      I'm too tired to read this site but it will probably tell you how to make one & more other info than you wanted.

    9. I was a little confused by this thread at first. I initially thought you were looking for advice for a great kilt because you didn't want to go the small kilt route. I guess you're okay with a small kilt, though?

      I'd think it'd be easier to make a great kilt for an MSD than it would to find a small kilt. The only snag, as noted earlier, is finding a tartan in the right scale. It'd certainly be much easier to dress a doll in a great kilt than a man. No 7 yards of plaid to deal with there! Seriously, though, Google "great kilt" and you can find pages that show you how it's done. Just find a length of fabric in the right size and you'll be good to go.