Kimono for Slim MSD (Bobobie/Resinsoul)

Oct 13, 2016

    1. I was thinking of buying a rather intricate kimono sized for MSD dolls. The cast I was thinking of getting it for is actually a Resinsoul/Bobobie and to my knowledge requires an MSD slim fit. Despite this I really love the design of the clothing and was told by the shop owner (based on the measurements I provided) that it would simply be a loose fit but would still work. In addition there doesn't seem to be many kimonos in MSD slim that have the level of intricacy that I would like for the particular taste of the doll I'm envisioning.

      Has anyone ever tried an oversized kimono on their dolls and if so did it matter much? It's a rather expensive item so I'd rather not second-guess and get something that will cause issues or look silly. Alternatively, does anyone know where I could possibly find more intricate kimonos in the size I need?

      Much appreciated <3
    2. The way I have learned to wear kimono, proper length matters more than width. Kimono are relatively forgiving garments, in which the wearer can adjust the final length and width as necessary each time you put it on.

      Since the item you have your eye on is relatively high quality, my response is being written on the assumption that it is authentic style. That is, multiple separate pieces, not a preassembled one-piece garment which can not be adjusted much.

      When putting the kimono on your doll, secure the karihimo (a thin sash or ribbon which goes before the outer obi) around the main garment with a knot, then turn the doll face-down. Spread the face of the back of the kimono, starting in the center, folding the sides neatly underneath - sort of origami style - so the back of the garment looks tidy and not wrinkled. You can hide all the extra back fabric this way. If you take your time and work with care, it should not look bulky. Do the same for the front panels as necessary so they too have crisp lines and no lumps or bulk.

      Since you have found a design you really like in a relatively close fit which errs slightly on the large side, I would vote to go for it.

      If this were a case of a non-slim doll trying to fit into a slim garment, I would urge the owner to take careful measurements and to inquire with the maker as to how much of the garment is intended to be folded under on the doll it was made for. Again, it may be workable in that case. From what I understood though, you are putting it onto a doll which may be a little small for the garment.

      The difference between SD and MSD sizes would be cumbersome, but the difference between non-slim and slim MSD kimono shouldn't be a big deal. I have even managed to get my 1/6 doll to wear a 1/4 scale yukata passably with strategic folding-in of the extra fabric. I hope this helps!
    3. It very much does! Thank you so much for the advice ^w^ from what I've seen in the item description it is multiple pieces so I should be able to follow your suggestions thoroughly.