Kinda confused about the different SERENDIPITY tinies, experts please help!

May 3, 2006

    1. My friend LeeAnn is interested in this little darling.

      Now, I found a lot of really great info here in the tinies forum but I remain a bit confused. Most of my questions were answered except these:

      1. Is there another AGA fairy boy besides Cookie?
      2. Are the AGA fairies no longer being made new (as in, if I want one, I'd have to post a WTB in the marketplace)? Cuz I only see this Cumi on their website.
      3. This link above is Cumi, and she is a LITTLE bigger than an AGA fairy from the first batch (ie, she's a little bigger than a cookie). Is that right?
      4. How hard is it to find clothes for her? (I did see the clothing thread, it seems like there's SOME stuff out there for her, otherwise, we'd have to rely on seamstresses)

      THANKS for your help!!!!! cheridollfanatic's Kalvin Cookie was visiting LeeAnn and she really fell in love. She isn't sure she wants a Cookie, though, because there REALLY is only ONE kalvin, so she was looking at the other little serendipity girls.

      I also pointed her to the latidoll site, cuz the latidoll yellows are cute little stinkers too.:)
    2. OKie! I just wrote this to someone in an email...:)

      Serendipity used to make AGA Fairies, which is Candy, Cherry (?), Milk, and boys Cookie and Green Tea. When they came out with their new molds, they came out with Cumi, which they are calling a Baby Fairy. Her legs are a little longer than an AGA, and her torso a little shorter. She’s defintely taller than a AGA, and that’s mostly leg length. All my AGA clothing fits her, except the pants need to be longer…about a cm longer I think...

      I hear Kelly clothing can fit her, but I haven't had a lot of luck with what I have...but I didn't have that kind of luck with my Cookie either. I have maybe one Kelly dress that fits her, and that was something that came with my Banji. I don't have a lot of Kelly dresses, so I can't really say much about the rest.

      I've adopted a Candy, since I think my Cumi looks a little more mature than my Cookie, and taller (ocean-girl has a pic with both a Candy and Cumi sonewhere on the board) ...I'm hoping they come out with a boy eventually...

      No more AGA's I'm afraid... they haven't said anything officially, but everywhere I've seen has been out of stock for a very long time.

      OH, and lati yellows are cute little stinkers!
    3. I have both Cumi and Candy :)

      First off, if you go to the Comparisons thread at the top of the page, you'll find a great set of pictures of Cumi and Candy together, which shows the size differences. (aha, Margarita beat me to it)

      Cumi is definitely taller than Aga, and it's all leg. The bodies are similar in height. Cumi has that extra joint in her leg that makes it swivel to the side, so that might be the reason for the height difference.

      My Cumi wears Kelly clothing....the dresses as long tops, and the bottoms as shorts. I have some pants made by Margarita Rosa as well. I imagine she would fit into Winx clothing, and it would be long enough for her, I can experiment when I get home tonight. She wears 24mm shoes and size 4 wigs.

      Garnet in Kelly stuff:

      I love, love, LOVE my Cumi. She's a great doll.
    4. oh gosh cumi really is adorable omg......... **OH NOES** lol............

      THANK YOU everybody -- margarita THANK YOU for all the info....!! you guys all ROCK! leave it to DOA to enable the world, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Sher thank you for all the help!!! As you know...LOL..I really want a little Cumi! :-) Your the best to help me navigate DOA!! :-) LeeAnn
    6. there's my buddy leeann!! gosh that pic of pixie really is beautiful.

      anyway, i'm working on finding you one, my sweet!! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    7. Oh, this is so sad. There was a Cumi on Ebay yesterday BIN $ 255

      Maybe you should ask the seller dollsnbeans for more?
    8. I already did --- i hope she has another one.

      I am bummed, my friend really wants one! JUST missed out on that one. wahhh :...(
    9. Thank you Sher and thank you to everyone that has been so helpful answering questions about the little doll. :-) I appreciate ANY and ALL help!!! Your the best Sher! LeeAnn
    10. HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA we found one!!!!!!!

      now if I can just talk LeeAnn into buying the second one that seller has for ME.... :ablah: :sneaky :)
    11. :)

      YAY for Cumi! Congrats and hamsterrrrrpiiiiile :hamster:
    12. Cumi is a little darling. I certainly love mine. I'm now making clothes for her. See my signature and check the New Styles on my picturetrail.
      My avatar is my sweet girlie, Penny as I call her.
      So glad you managed to find one. They are like gold dust.
    13. OMG LeeAnn is getting a Cumi??!!! Kalvin may need to come for another visit to meet her!! I love Cumi so much:D
    14. Cheri..after Kalvin's visit...well I knew I had to have a teeny. :-) I didn't want a little boy though cause in my heart..there's only ONE Kalvin. So...Cumi decided to come and live here!! :-) Getting all excited for her arrival next week. Oh and you know, Kalvin is welcome here ANY time!!!!