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Kinetic Doll

Feb 22, 2007

    1. Does anyone own one of these dolls?
      I was interested in buying one, but haven't seen much info other than articles in the fashion doll magazines. I would like to know what an owner thinks about the doll, how easy/difficult it is to get one, the quality, etc

    2. I don't think they are allowed here as they are considered "fashion" dolls, but you can try http://members5.boardhost.com/prego/ for a great board where people love to discuss them.

      Good luck! I think they're really lovely, I can't decide which one I want though. :)
    3. I have one of each of the sculpts and I love them! You can see pictures of mine of my picturetrail website I have for them....

    4. Thanks for the information!
      I can't decide which sculpt I like better!
    5. JinCIncy-

      Your girls and photography are stunning!
      You're so talented-and professional!
      Yikes-now I want all three!
    6. Thanks Allie-
      You can't go wrong no matter which one you pick. They are all 3 stunning, and pose beautifully!!

    7. are these actually BJD's?
    8. I think they are fashion BJD rather than ABJD.
    9. Kinetic doll is not a BJD it's a fashion doll similar to Rober Tonner.
    10. The Kinetic dolls are Ball Jointed Fashion Dolls. They are made of resin and strung like all the other BJD's. Their eyes are painted though and that was my understanding as to why they were not considered Ball Jointed dolls here. The heft and poseability is just like my other BJD's,they just have the painted eyes. Tonner dolls are made of vinyl/plastic and are not strung.
    11. the point is the have pianted eyes and still technicly ARE fasion type dolls in porprtions and catorgorys
    12. But from what I've heard before, you can order them with eye-holes instead of painted eyes. Which would mean you have options with the eyes.
    13. good point, still they are still are offt topic and must be didcussed elsewhere.