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King William Miniatures- October sale event & Layaway available limited time!

Sep 29, 2009

    1. Hi all. We are promoting National Dollhouse Month, which is the month of October, by having a SALE FOR THE ENTIRE Month of October!

      We have many Large scale (1:3 and 1:4 scales) marked down that are suitable for MSD & SD sized BJD's in our Bespaq furniture line. Many of these items have some flaws or imperfections, which is why we are reducing them, some below wholesale cost.

      We are also introducting Layaway!!!:D for hte month of October. Items put on Layaway may also include sale items, but all layaway items are on NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. Also, layaways must total $100+ & be paid for by October 31st. Layaways do not apply to online merchandise on our website or ebay store. We are offering this special for the month of October to make way for our Christmas decor, and also our Christmas stock we are expecting in!;)

      Den of Angels members receive 10% discount, in-store only, does not apply to online merchandise. you may email me at

      We are also now selling Bespaq large scale items in sets!!Check out our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios http://tinyurl.com/yjvz65

      Shown below are a few of the items we are selling in sets, we also now have the large scale pianos, that will fit SD- & MSD sized dolls beautifully! One of these is also flawed, and is a lovely large scale piano. Currently shown are the Victorian tables in a set of 2 (avvailable in 1:6 & 1:4 scales) French Tables available in 1:6 & 1:4 scales, and the Bergere chair available in 1:3 and 1:4 scales .

      We are also offering our curios & vitrines with glass shelves on sale also. We have many of them ranging in sizes for small from 15-16 1/2 inches high, to 23 inches high for the larger ones. These have mirrored backs, and glass shelves, wonderful china cabinets for SD & MSD sized dolls.

      We are located at: King William Miniatures & Collectibles
      Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23228
      We are open 10 am to 5pm, 8 am on Wednesdays & Saturdays
      Call us toll free 877-860-6464 or 804-266-7676

      *Proud Supporter of G.R.A.S.P. (Greater Richmond Area Scale People) meet up group on Den of Angels!**:lol:

      Also available- Large scale Victorian (SD-Sized ) side chairs! (Volks model 'Michelle' courtesy of Veronica here on DoA)





    2. Just a note, Michelle is a Volks SD13 Elena :)
    3. I guess I'm confused - can we receive the discount even if we don't shop in your store? I'm guessing 90% of the DoA folks cannot make it to your store in person. How else can we shop if not online?? Thanks in advance!
      <Den of Angels members receive 10% discount, in-store only, does not apply to online merchandise>
    4. I think that does mean in-person, but it's almost rude to mention it when 99% of us can't get to the store.
    5. There is a mention of 1:4 scale but I looked through the site and couldn't find any?
    6. After looking at their ebay store offerings, I think their 1/3 scale is actually better suited to 1/4 scale -- not sure why they would make that mistake. :|
    7. Yep - totally! :?

    8. They aren't 1/3 though, they are using a ratio of 1:3, so 1 inch equals 3 inches rather than the fraction of one third the size of the actual item.

      So 1:3 is 1/4 the size and 1:4 is 1/3 the size of a real thing.

      It's that darn 4x3=12 and 3x4=12!
    9. *sigh* I thought that after the meetup at your store, you would have more pictures and examples up of your furniture with bjds. Your doll furniture is beautiful but frankly, the /only/ reason why I haven't bought any is because of the inconsistencies of your size labeling. I feel a bit selfish, but I really wish that you would switch to bjd size labelings, at least when you're advertising to this forum.

      As it is, I'm still very interested in the large scale pianos that you mentioned, but can't seem find them on your site. Could you possibly link them? Also, could you clarify if the Victorian tables, French tables, and Bergere chairs available in SD scale?

      Thank you for your help.
    10. Unfortunately, guys, Lisa is still learning the BJD scale in relation to minature scale! I'll be going soon to get MSD and tiny pictures to help you guys out a little. I love this shop and hope it does well, so please be patient.
    11. Thank you Megan, Raisallie , for clarifying that, with the scale problems/perceptions here. Veronica, thank you for posting Michelle's BJD type, I appreciate that.
      Let me first apologize for any perceived rudeness, it was not my intention to be rude when posting here on my product line.

      mhikaru & beamlette
      Yes, we do have the tables, and chairs in SD size. The victorian, french tables, Bergeres are all available in SD size, (as are all other pieces in this large scale line, such as the chair Michelle was posing with) which I have labeled as Large Doll size- and if you read my listings, it will tell what size doll is appropriate with it. We cater to a large doll community that is quite diversified, which includes everything from BJD's to fashion dolls, American Girl, and so on. In my listings I have also tried to put what size the piece would be appropriate for- MSD-sized or SD-sized. I recommend reading the dimensions of each piece, and asking questions if in doubt, I have no problem measuring a piece if you can give me your dolls' dimensions to help you make a decision if that item will work.

      The large scale pianos, (really large ones) we currently have two of, one is being sold as flawed, the other as a set with chair, both come in walnut. I will post pictures here in this thread so you may see the pics. We have the smaller pianos in walnut & mahogany.

      1:3 & 1:4 scales- since I come from the mainly miniature & dollhouse world, I work on a scale such as elf piper mentioned- 1 inch equals 1 foot- 1:12 3 inches to the foot- 1:3 scale, which is actually stated as 1:4 the size of life, and 1/3 the size of life, so forgive my labeling of the 1:4 (which on the sites are labeled 1:3- 3 inches to the foot) But we do have BOTH SCales.

      Rynn007 & sherman
      AS to the discount being in store- if you privately email me with your username here on the board BEFORE you place your order, I can alter your invoice, or invoice you through Paypal to reflect your discount on your order. This will be for Den of Angels customers only, it will also help if you send a link to your profile, so I can verify you are a member, to be fair. The layaway option is the the key that is IN-store only, at this time. Let me clarify that in no way was my posting of my products intended to be perceived as RUDE, so my apologies if you perceived this posting that way. Our intention of posting the advertisements is to let customers know there is a wonderful quality alternative furniture out there for the doll community.

      We have two sizes of pianos, that come in two different finishes. The very large ones which I would consider SD-sized are limited in quantity, I currently have two in the shop.
      Large piano dimensions: 17 inches wide, 9 1/2 inches tall without lid prop holding up the piano lid
      13 3/8 inches high with piano lid prop holding up the piano lid
      8 3/8 inches deep

      small piano dimensions: 12 1/2 inches wide,
      7 inches tall without piano lid prop holding up lid
      9 3/4 inches high with piano lid prop holding up lid
      6 inches deep

      Unfortunately, at this time I do not have any pictures to show you with BJD's at the pianos, however, I hope the dimensions I have listed here will help. I do have pictures of MSD- sized dolls (16-17 inches high) in my private webshots album,
      http://community.webshots.com/user/barbietown that might help.

      The larger piano looks wonderful in my opinion with MSD-sized dolls, it looks like a very 'grand' piano. One of the curious things I have found when putting properly sized dolls with the furniture is that depending on the size of doll you put with it- for instance, the very large dolls I have put a 16 inch doll with it, but it looks like a very large 'grand' piano; if I put an SD-sized doll (about 22 inches thereabouts) it would fit her and look like a normal sized piano. the smaller piano fits the 15-16 inch dolls very well, but looks normal to their size/scale. On the same note with the smaller piano, if you put a Tiny BJd (about 11-12 inches high) then it would look like a larger, grand piano with the doll.

      The pianos were designed upon the old style what we refer to as a 'pianoforte' or also known as a 'box' piano.


      this shows the SD-sized on left, the MSD-sized on the right both in walnut. larger piano is being sold as flawed, since it is missing its footpedals.


      smaller MSD-sized piano

      Vitrines & curios cabinets- they range in small and large sized, prices have been reduced. small ranges from 15-16 1/ 2 inches high, large can be 21-23 inches high or taller, in some cases, depending upon the design. These have mirrored backs and glass shelves. I rarely ship these due to the problematic glass, but can probably ship the smaller ones with insurance. Prices are lowered on these, as we have so many and Christmas stock is about to arrive. One pictured above is 25 3/4 high, in dark mahogany finish.


      This vitrine is smaller, and comes in mahogany with gilt finish, measures 18 3/8 inches high. This one I would label as MSD-sized.


      These have a lovely oriental pagoda look with the carvings on the doors, glass shelves, and mirrored backs. Two different sizes- large and small. Large measures 18 1/2 inches and small measures 16 1/5 inches.

      As I said before, the best way with this line of furniture is to see if the dimensions would fit your doll. Since BJD's vary on their sizes as other dolls do, and there is such a very wide variety, please email me at kingwilliamminiatures@verizon.net or pumpkinhillstudios@msn.com with your questions, I am only too happy to help.

      I wish to thank everyone for their comments here, and look forward to offering more postings here in the future for the BJD community. I also welcome any information that you might think is helpful, since we are a very NEW shop, and have only opened our doors in April of this year. We are the only brick and mortar shop & website that carries this line/size of Bespaq in the USA.