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King William Miniatures- Specializing in Large Scale Bespaq doll furniture Visit us!

May 2, 2009

    1. Visit us at our retail shop location, located at Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Va 23228. Our toll free number is 877-860-MINI(6464) & our hours are:
      Tuesday , Thursday Friday, 10 amt o 5 pm,
      Wednesday- & Saturday extended summer hours WEdnesday 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8 am to 5 pm.

      Our website: www.kingwilliamminiatures.us and on Ebay- PumpkinHill Studios http://tinyurl.com/yjvz65

      We specialize in all scales Bespaq- from 1:12 & 1:24, to 1:6, 1:3, and LARGER! (DOLLS 22 inches and taller- such as BJD's) We are the only dealer in the USA that carries the remaining large scale Bespaq inventory in our shop and warehouse.


      1:3 scale swan chair and swan vanity


      1/3 scale piano and matching chair


      18 inch armoire
      large doll bergere chair- 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide


      13 3/4 inch tall embroidered french chair-



      Please feel free to visit us during race weekend this saturday- we are 5 miles from Richmond Raceway complex, and one block south of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens- lots to see and do! Please feel free to email me at pumpkinhillstudios@msn.com if you have any questions!

      Lisa Neault
      King William Miniatures & Collectibles
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    2. They're really lovely! Perhaps you could have some pictures of them with BJD's so we can get a better idea of the scale?
    3. Do you have a 1/4 line at all? I see 1/3 and 1/6, but I'm lost as to what would fit an MSD from the rest of your things. Also, for those of us not in the US, do you ship internationally and are you planning on putting the full catalogue online at all?
    4. How gorgeous. I'm having trouble finding all the pieces on the eBay site, like the piano and the fireplace. Are they sold out?
    5. Hi, that is lovely furniture! But what I am confused about is the 1:3 scale furniture you have is listed for Gene dolls, but BJD's are 1:3 scale, so would the furniture not work with them? *_* Thanks! I do agree that it would be nice to see them pictured with BJD's too.
    6. I wish to thank everyone for their kind comments, and will attempt to answer all the questions.

      We just opened our shop retail location on April 1, 2009 to the public- before we were online and I started out as a miniature/dollhouse dealer /artisan. I was a dealer for Bespaq in the standard dollhouse scale until I began to collect fashion dolls in different sizes, and was frustrated at having no quality furniture such as was in my dollhouse, so naturally, asked my dealer if he had ever made any out of curiousity- and found he had- but it did not do well in the time period he manufactured it. I went from there to designing my own 1:6 scale (suitable for dolls 11-13 inches tall) wingchairs in a variety of finishes/fabrics- and it took off from there, to being the only dealer who sells this scale.

      Needless to say- I do plan to upload all of the items as they are inventoried, in our warehouse, and suitable pics are taken. Some items I have in the shop are far too fragile to ship- such as the boudoir mirrors, which we have in two sizes. I attempt as much as possible with the larger scale items to ship double boxed, with extra bubble and peanuts, to insure the pieces will arrive safely- though a little more pricey on shipping, in my opinion it is worth it, since these items are no longer manufactured, and are hard to replace. I do ship internationally.

      brighnasa: the piano and fireplace are listed on the website. the piano & matching chair would be listed under 1:3 scale here-

      the fireplace would be listed under Large doll scale Bespaq here-
      http://www.kingwilliamminiatures.us/catalog_c357535.htmln however, I have not yet listed it on the website, and yes, the one on Ebay store has been sold. I will work on taking new pics of the fireplace tomorrow- we have two mahogany- and listing it on the website tomorrow.

      pepperonipizza & Lulu-
      I am sorry I have not yet acquired a BJD to take pictures with the furniture. I am working on borrowing or rather, er, 'hiring' one of my friends' BJD dollies to graciously model lounging about on the chairs & other furniture. lol. If you can give me your dolls' measurements, I can assist you in recommending what furniture item size would work for the doll.

      * Some info on the large scale Bespaq furniture- these items were made very true to 'scale' so sometimes items that work for a 1:6 scale doll (11 inches to 13 inches) would also work for a 1:3 scale doll (such as Gene or Tonner- 15-17 inches tall) Now before that you say that isn't possible- one example I have in stock is the Swan chair, that matches the Swan vanity. The smaller set ( we carry these two items in two scales- one is for the smaller dolls, and one is for the larger scale dolls 22 inches and larger-) has the swan vanity chair that looks nice with a 12 inch doll and also works with a 16 inch doll very well. However, the vanity is too high for the 12 inch doll, but perfect for the 16 inch doll. I have learned with the larger scales Bespaq that sometimes it is a matter of deciding according to your eye what looks best, so I use alot of different size dolls for size comparisons. **

      All items that would be considered 1:4 scale would be listed under the Large doll Bespaq link above- and I will hopefully be listing more. The hat vanity also comes in this scale- and measures up to 26 inches tall, so it would be perfect for the very large BJD's.

      Absynthe: I promise I will try and post new pictures of the items with BJD's as soon as possible, so you can see the furniture in a better comparison light, and also in keeping with the collectors here on the board.

      Thank you all for your suggestions and questions, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. Better yet- feel free to visit the shop and bring your dollies to try out the furniture on our dolly table!
    7. Your furniture is lovely regardless the size. I love antique furniture and the style for dolls is a tickled delight. Do you plan on making beds for larger scale dolls in the future? A Bespaq antique stylish 4 post bed would be divine *_*.
    8. There seems to be some confusion regarding the scale of this furniture. Please address further questions to LisaN privately as she's really the only one who can provide information about the furniture she sells. She has not been on DoA since 6/20 and may not be following this discussion.

      Please only post in this thread if you have relevant updates to contribute. Do not discuss scale in this news announcement thread!

      Here's a thread for discussing the King Williams Miniatures furniture announcement: