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KIPS posing system for SD16

Dec 11, 2005

    1. yeah I was wondering about the legs too. I guess that he's pretty much assembled like Arashi from the look of his arms. I helped my friend Fe-chan to restring and wire her Arashi (who's a beauty BTW, he's so nice!) I also wonder if he has a hip joint like Arashi or not (you can't really tell with the clothes. Wish Volks would show him naked) Just by looking at his elbow, I'd say he's got the same limbs as Arashi.

      Gods... I am so in love with him ;.;
    2. Hasn't CP been using the 'joint sheet' system for a while now? ie the shoulder and hip joints not having simply a ball, but a round sheet-like resin piece.

      Another difference I see is in the elbow-- from the looks of that, we might have some really great poseability and function from that (it looks like it can turn 360' where it attaches to the upper arm)
    3. He's 65cm tall. The body info is here.
    4. One of the interesting parts of his story... is how he lived in Yokohama and also Los Angeles...

      Since the Tokyo Boys story is closed, maybe this is a branch into more special boys? Think of it.. Yokohama boys.. Los Angeles boys?!?! Maybe they'll do more american-style dolls for that... Or maybe they'll have a sun-tanned blond surfer boy? XD
    5. Unfortunatly, no.

      Maybe someday there will be a standard SD16 boy, but it won't be him; it'll probably have the same body, but a different face.
    6. just fyi, the blushing is only on the prototype, the sold dolls wont have the blushing on the body.
    7. Does anyone have any inkling if there will ever be a "standard" SD16? I hope he doesn't end up being only limited, like the SDCutes. :...(
    8. there's no way to know. ^_^.... Volks could be meaning to make a standard SDC eventually too...!