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kir/Simply Kir feedback thread

Dec 3, 2006

    1. Please leave your feedback here if you had a transaction with me.

      FEEDBACK: kirblythe @ eBay; kir @ blythedoll Forum and/or any other forums.

      If you have any questions you can email me at simplykir[at]gmail[dot]com.

      thank you.
    2. the nice, nice, friendly person, the fast payment, the wonderful contact. frankly I recommend :)) THANKS
    3. Awsome contact with kir. Great person to deal with ^^
    4. kir is a great buyer :aheartbea
      Very smooth communication and speedy payment :fangirl:
      Thanks again!!!!
    5. Sold a little Unola girl to Kir. The transaction went well aside from some PMs that didn't seem to want to go through, but that was neither of our fault. Other than that it was great, and we would be more than happy to do business with kir again.

      -Abs & Rose
    6. I had a very good transaction with kir!:)
      We had nice emails and kir payed immediaty for the doll!
      She is a wonderful person and a great buyer!:)
    7. She bought my Naripon Periwinkle, and the transaction was great XD
      Paid promptly, friendly communication, and she was nice enough to let me know the little one had arrived safely to Spain.

      Thank you!! <3
    8. She just bought one of my tiny Elfdolls, and was wonderful to deal with - very very nice girl, made prompt payment. Highly recommended. I know she will spoil this little dolly rotten! :D

      Thank you! :)
    9. Kir is awesome to work with when I decided to buy a little bear hat for my tiny. The bear hats are cute and very well made! She's incredibly patient and will work with her again in future purchases.
    10. I sold Kir 2 dolls, she was great to deal with.
      Thank you so much!
    11. Great buyer, fast payment and very good comunication, 100% recomended!
      Thanks so much:)
    12. Kir bought an Unoa Sist from me. She is a pleasure to do business with :aheartbea Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    13. I bought a Unoa Flourite from Kir and she was just wonderful to buy from. Shipped her promptly and was very nice. Definitely would buy from again. :)
    14. Kir is such a nice buyer! She paid really quickly and was so nice to talk to!! I look forward to dealing with Kir again!!!:aheartbea Thanks!!!
    15. Kir just bought a MinoruWorld Junior Leila from me. She was a complete pleasure to deal with she. She was always friendly and responsive in her PMs and paid quickly. I really hope she enjoys Leila muchly! :clover
    16. I highly recommend Kir as a seller,
      I bought a unoa kit from her, it was sent quickly and well packed. Great communication.

      A very efficient and friendly seller.
      many thanks!

    17. :) I bought a Unoa Lusis 1.5 faceplate from Kir and it was a perfect transaction. Great Price. Great Communication. Shipped Fast. I highly recommend Kir.

      Thank you Kir,
    18. Kir bought gumdrop eyes from me. The transaction was quick and smooth. Great buyer!!
    19. Won auction for Unoa Lusis 1.0 Gentaro Araki painted faceplate from Kir ^^

      All went smooth and she arrived safely at my doorstep looking fabulous! Thank you.

      Would definitely buy from Kir again.
    20. Kir bought a doll from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.