New Doll Kira, new head by Rainman

Oct 26, 2018

    1. Rainman, former sculptor from Elfdoll, is going to release a new head, her name is Kira and you can pre-order her on 29th October, along with a new release of Blina if you missed her.

      Price is the same, 120$ without make up, two versions: open eyes and half open eyes. This time Rainman apologizes for not being able to give away shipping costs, so he encourages customers to place group orders since shipping costs are the same up to 5 heads (30$ worldwide).

      Sale will start in his personal page and there are more information and pictures in his instagram page.

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    2. Do you know if he will release the body alongside the heads?
    3. So far there's been no images of a body in the works in their instagram. Considering how often the dolls pop up, I reckon they'd post images of a body if it was in the works.

      I hope they'll make one eventually though.
    4. He's working in one, but there is no release date yet.