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[KIRAKIRA]Special One Off Outfit and News

May 8, 2012

    1. Hi! This is KIRAKIRA

      We have Special One Off Outfit for Yo-SD Size!
      This outfit just ONY ONE!
      Here is the Details of Outfit
      Including Items
      Rabbit Accessoires
      Pumpkin Pants
      Hat with Rabbit Ear
      Total 9 Sets

      Doll Leaves 2nd Anniversary Event 2012
      Doll Leaves are holding a special event to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary!

      TIME: 20th April ~ 30th May, 2012

      1. During the event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$190, a Blank Event doll- Babel head will be given as free gift.
      2. During event period, purchase any DOLL LEAVES basic products equal or over US$350, a blank Event doll-Babel will be given as free gift.

      At the same time, our new 1/3 girl Yume is released. Blank doll price is US$ 370, +US$ 50 for face makeup. Accessories are not for sale.

      * The purchasing amount will include basic face makeup service, but not include Event Doll Babel’s face makeup service, shipping fee and special edition items.
      1. The Event doll-Babel is DOLL LEAVES 26cm doll, you can choose boy or girl body; Face makeup price is optional service, cost US$100; Accessories in promotional photos are not for sale.
      2. The Event doll-Babel is Doll Leaves 2nd Anniversary special edition, which will be discontinued after the event.[​IMG]
      The New Line of Ring Doll
      Ring Doll has a New Line of “Sweet” Size, They are 27cm tall and lovey face.
      You can see on site and bring them home! ^-^

      Also New Doll of Grown!
      Sol-StyleC and Ronald-StyleB