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Kirya- Dollstories

Aug 15, 2007

    1. The new company has two pictures upon their gallery board and a new question and answer page up. I think she is amazing, and want to know what everyone else thinks.

      She is for 60 cm doll bodies and lists in the Q&A page which color resin she matches.

      This is the link to the gallery, so, tell me what you think!:)
    2. I seen them and i love them, they are very unoa like
    3. Exactly what i thought. Kirya looks so much like a Lusis with a slightly broader jaw. I wonder if the artist took inspiration from Araki. She's absolutely gorgeous though and has an amazing faceup.
    4. I absolutely love this doll and I can't wait until they branch out into minis.
    5. I think Kirya is really beautiful and I'm excited to see pictures of her after she's released. :) I imagine we will be seeing more beautiful dolls from this company in the future and can't wait to see them!
    6. She is so pretty! And there going to offer elf versions- very cool!
    7. I guess that if they produce a body it will be very unoa2/zero like then...
    8. She looks so wonderful in both the light and dark face-up! I can't wait for more news on Kirya.
    9. I can't wait until they come out with a body. If the art work on Kirya is any indication, any body sculpts should be amazing! :D
    10. They're absolutely lovely. I can't wait to see more from Kirya.
    11. That is a great looking head. I put myself on thier email list.
    12. I really like the look of this doll, and I like what the company is saying about their dedication to the ABJD aesthetic, hope to see a lot of interesting and creative work from Dollstories in the future.
    13. The Kirya head is lovely and I'm on the list. I have a swaricco body on layaway and think this head will be wonderful for her. I'm curious to see how they progress and more of Glenna's work--her faceups are beautiful.
    14. I don't believe that will be neccessarily so. Glenna (in the Q&A) has stated how dedicated she is to the style of ABJD, so I believe that the DollStories body will be more of a traditional ABJD type, not like Araki's.
    15. I'm really looking forward to this head and an elf would be great too!
    16. I am really hoping to be able to get myself one when the preorder starts- I think that the head is just amazing, and so is the faceup! Can't wait to see what else they'll come up with, looks very promising so far ^^. Doesn't really remind me of a Unoa, though.
    17. *antsy for more news~~~*
    18. I fall in love with Kyria too, hope they will update soon!
      The faceups are so stunning, I especially like the way they do eyebrowns :aheartbea
      Can't wait to see more from them!
    19. I'm another one waiting on this release. she's gorgeous.
    20. I simply adore Glenna's work on this girl. A fantastic sculpt to launch the business on and, I'm sure, a sign of many more beauties to come. ;)

      *joins queue for Kirya*