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Kiss Suntan

Feb 26, 2006

    1. ^_^ Im not sure if this has been posted already, but Dolkot has made a suntan kiss~ www.dolkot.com
      Woot! So pretty!

      And also Kiss with makeup. ^o^
      It says 똑같은 메이크업 하지 않습니다 - They wont do the same makeup twice.
      and also 서비스로 사진에 있는 가발 포함입니다- They give you the wig in the photo as a gift.
    2. I can't get anything on the link. Just "service unavailable." Can you post the pic at all?
    3. [​IMG]

      Not sure if I like it or not. Would like to see other face-ups on the tan color. Hope someone gets one!
    4. is he limited?
      I think I like him, but need to see him with other face-ups. this one is strange... I dunno if I like the scars or not o.o
    5. The default makeup ( the one with the scars in the photo ) is usually 70 000 won, but its half price for the time being, and there is a normal makeup on the tanned kiss which is usually 50 000 won , for 28 000 won for the first 10 people.

      hope this helps~ my korean isnt too great, >_<
    6. >_< DAMN, I love his faceup! *instant love* Is that the default makeup you get with tan Kiss?
    7. *stares* Did they copy the scars from D.Gray-Man? Anyone ever read it? It's EXACTLY the same style as the Noah family.. skin colour's the same too XD
      Other than that, TAN KISS! OMFG!! *passes out*
    8. :) Exact reason I'm in love with him. I'm hoping he's 1) unlimited and 2) that's the default make-up. A Tiki Mik BJD is starting to sound REALLY good. :aheartbea
    9. woot. =) So Dollmore has him now. They say if you order him without face-up he'll ship right away.
    10. The faceup with the scars is the more expensive makeup (extra 20000 won), and the cheaper makeup is the usual angelic or demonic faceup. And they say they were inspired by D.Gray Man. Just FYI, 'limited' in korean is '&#54620;&#51221;' <-change encoding if you can't see XP
      I can't see any info about suntan kiss being limited though..