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Mar 15, 2005

    1. ^_^ ive just seen the yet to be released super dollfie type "Kiss" by XY. >_< i fell inlove with him at first sight!! does anyone know where to get any more sneak peaks at him?? ;o; i need to think twice about which dollfie to get as my first now ;o;!!!
    2. never heard of kiss! Uhm *goes on a search to find out*
    3. Kabi, where did you see this sneak-peak?? This is the first I've heard of it.... and it's got me curious!

      - Therese
    4. O.O i wanna see too!! neva heard of him as well
    5. oh i found him in the new arrival section of this korean internet sight called daum? umm you need to be korean to understand it and register and stuff ;o; ooh umm i have some pics! but i dont know how to upload pictures onto this forum~~ T_T can somone tell me ;o;~~ (im new T_T) kiss is the most beautiful boy ive seen so far *_*
    6. Could you give the website address?
    7. it is a cafe ;o; so the url stays the same wherever you surf as long as your in the cafe ;o; so there is no exact url~~~T___T :cry:
    8. ... save the picture?
    9. :o I'm completely in love on first sight.... I love the eyebrows.. The faceup is absolutely gorgeous.
    10. ooh, i agree, love the faceup. :D
    11. He sure is pretty ^^
    12. Can anyone translate enough to see what size he is?

      omg can somebody please tell us if it's possible we get one??? help omg love love... pouty... love. omg. :o :o
    14. He´s very pretty...I´d be tempted if he were widely available <3.
    15. He certianly is beautiful.The first picture, I thought of IZ for some reason.
    16. He looks wonderful, but somehow.....he looks like a modified Chiwoo to me.....
      nice faceup :D
    17. I thought he looked a lot like Chiwoo too. Very pretty though.
    18. You guys don't think that that's the new cp/luts boy? The mold style seems so CP to me for some reason.

      I can't find who makes him. Is xy or kiss the company name?
    19. *sigh*
      that was me.