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Kitty ears and more... Finally up! (special for LA tea party attendees, too!)

Aug 3, 2006

    1. Kitty ears and more... Finally up! (special for LA tea party attendees, too!)
      Hi everyone!

      We've been working very hard at CosWorx to get our kitty ears restocked after Anime Expo. Now, they are finally in our store, in stock and ready to order:


      There's lots of cute styles and options you can choose to make the perfect look for your dolls. The ears are available in three sizes and 12 different base colors. All ears are completely dyed through industrial grade hard plastic so you never have to worry about color chipping or fading!

      In addition, please check out the new rounded ears, oni horns, wig stands and yes, wigs! There's so much new to see for both 45cm and 60cm dolls.

      It's been a LOT of work (a labor of love) and I truly hope everyone likes the new items!

      *****For everyone going to the LA Tea Party on August 5******

      I'll be going with Sagiitta, so if you'd like me to hand deliver the items to you, there's no charge for shipping. Just use coupon code TEAPARTY at checkout. This applies to all ball-joint doll items in the store. This coupon expires Friday afternoon.

      Enjoy, everyone! :) :) :)


      TEAPARTY coupon is off because we're getting on the road for L.A. I'll be emailing everyone who ordered tonight about delivering at the party :)

      I'm bringing a few things with me, too, so if anyone wants kitty ears or horns at the venue, I'll have a few pairs. See everyone there!
    2. Are you going to bring any to sell, or are you bringing only ordered wigs? Alex
    3. I'm going to bring all the orders and a little extra. the offer is good for all doll items in the store, not just ears and wigs :)

      Of course, I'll bring a few extra special things, too, like outfits and necklaces that aren't up yet.
    4. Shouldn't this be in marketplace?
    5. Oh, wow! Speaking from my own experiences with Cosworx ears and other products, their stuff is hard-core, top-of-the-line professional-quality merch. Tristen Citrine is a veteran seamstress and she has put blood, sweat, and tears into these products. They're very reasonably priced for the quality. Their customer service is impeccable. So glad to see this stuff for sale online!:D :D :D
    6. I love the Kitty Ears (Pierced and Chained) ones, what size are the small ones for? I suppose they will be too big for cutie delf size, won´t them?
    7. nope, not at all! the small look really cute on the tinies!
    8. I've seen the ears in person too, and they're really amazing.

      you can see pics of my YOSD with one of the prototypes here:
      but the ones Cosworx are selling now are even better, if that's possible.

      I bought a pair of white MSD ones with little cross-charms on them at AX, they are so awesome. I also have a pair of cosworx wings. I need to take pics of my new stuff!

      anyway, seriously, their stuff is really high quality.
    9. Just some questions and really, this sounds dumb, but the horns and the kitty ears, theyr'e shown on wigs - the wigs don't come with the horns/ears do they? And the wig section shows the wigs with ears, bells, etc, those wigs are just wigs right??? The pics arent showing what the items look all by themselves, if thats the case ,would be nice to see how the horns and ears work IF they don't come with wigs - thanks! Alex
    10. ^_^ the horns and hears are on clear elastic bands, you simply put them on over the wig. They aren't a part of the wig. Does that help? :)
    11. SO CUTE! I love the horns. I HAVE to get a pair of those for Karrian.

      But question -- I can't see the headband in that picture. Would it be damaging to poke holes in the wig, so they can just peek through instead of the clear headband going overtop? I wish they weren't so expensive. *_*

      Stupid me clicked 'Stockings'. I go, "Oh, what realistic dollfie leg--- AGH" XDD
    12. it's like a tiny clear thread ^_^ that's why you can't see it! you could probably thread it through the wig, but it's not really nessesary. They're really cheap for what they are actually, and the work that goes into them. They're high quality resin, you can do modifications like sanding and stuff to them too, just like your normal doll parts.
    13. Thanks! I felt alittle dumb for asking :lol: Alex
    14. Ohh~!! I've been searching the ears like them :chibi
      I ordered several ears now!!
      I'm looking forward them~:D *happy:aheartbea happy:aheartbea happy:aheartbea *
    15. This may sound stupid but, what size is MSD for the cat ears? ^ ^;

      Edit :
      Oh! nevermind ^ ^