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Kitty Shoes!

Jun 11, 2007

    1. I'm not quite sure where to put this. Since I'm not selling them myself I didn't think I should put it in the Marketplace. I know there are alot of people who really liked those darling kitty cat shoes that D.O.D had. I know I had to have both colors. I have just gotten some new red ones that fit Yo Super Dollfie. They are the same great quality and cute as can be. I bought them on Ebay from the seller Jessicahu. I'm not affiliated with her in anyway but I'm very happy with mine and thought some other people might want to know about them. Cat
    2. Are they just similar, or outright copies? It's a morality debate here wether or not people will buy from sellers that copy famous designs.
    3. The D.O.D. shoes were a copy of pre-existing human-sized shoes (somewhere in the Gallery, someone posted a "dolly-n-me" picture of both), so I would hesitate to say that D.O.D. "owns" the idea.

      ETA: Ha-HA! Found the post, which has terminally cute pictures.
    4. The shoes were originally made by Anarchic, sold at Hot Topic. And I don't think they have an understanding with a Korean doll company, lol. I'd kill to own a pair or two of MSD-sized black ones so my dolls could match me too...thanks for the tip!

      EDIT: Too bad she only has Yo-SD. *sad*
    5. Why do BJD shoes not come in human sizes ALL THE TIME. Honestly. It's discrimination that dolls get ridiculously cuter shoes than us! Discrimination I say!!
    6. I thought they were originally T.U.K. shoes... heh. It seems everyone's ripping everyone off over those shoes anyway. :lol:
    7. TUK, Tredair and Anarchic all made very similar versions, I don't know who came first though. One of them made ones with pandas instead of kitties. If they made those in dolly form I might sell my soul for them.
    8. I have the T.U.K version for me and I'd KILL to have some MSD ones...ok...mebbe not kill...but ya know..pay $50 at least for a pink pair for my boy, but alas, DOD are constantly out of stock of them :(

      My friend has the Yo version from ebay and they are adorable...just too small for my boy sadly.
    9. my sister has those shoes and I'd love to have a pair for both of my girls.

      (btw, if they're Yo-size, shouldn't this be in the Tinies forum?)
    10. That's not Catsy's fault. It got moved here out of General Discussion. ^^
    11. Googling tells me Anarchic is a child company of T.U.K. ^_^
    12. I love the kitty shoes, I have the red BC size ones, and have a pair of T.U.K for myself, and so want a MSD size pair... Joins Lu in the ever needy hunt...

      gotta love the human ones tho
    13. they're just like jeans with flower prints! with beaded patterns!!!

      Do we CARE who started it first?

      it's not like it's some ultra funky shoes with buttons of various functions!!
    14. the point is that DOD weren't the ones that created the idea, it was someone else, so it's not immoral to copy the idea from DOD. -___-;

      (btw, I wasn't blaming Catsy at all. I was more or less poking at the mods for not moving it immediately like they usually tend to.)
    15. Those are ADORABLE! I'd love a pair for myself, and a pair for my doll! Too bad he's a boy and my fiancé refuses to dress him in anything girly...
    16. *calmly* Some of us like knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Thus, we Google. *smile*