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Kittywolf13's FeedBack thread:

Sep 10, 2006

    1. Hi! If you have done transactions with me...or I with you, please leave a comment so that i may build a history for future buyers/sellers to refer to, Thank you!
    2. Kittywolf was a treat to do business with! Payment was prompt and she was a total sweetheart. :)
    3. Prompt payment and left feedback when item arrived. Kept good communication. Trustworthy Buyer.
    4. I sold a new type DELF body to Kittywolf13. She was prompt with her payment and a joy to deal with :)
    5. Kittywolf13 was a great buyer! :D She always kept in contact, and sent her layaway payments on time. It was a pleasure~ :)
    6. Wonderful buyer! :D
    7. Kittywolf13 bought a head from me. She paid right away, kept the lines of communication open, was patient and let me know right away when the head arrived. I think she is fabulous. You rock, kiddo!
    8. Kittywolf13 bought a Chooseol from me and was a wonderful person to work with - very communicative and sweet - great buyer!
    9. Kittywolf13 bought a hat from me, she's a good buyer. :)
    10. Sold a doll to Kittywolf :) She's an excellent buyer! :D
    11. just completed a face-up commission for Kittywolf13. great to work with, responsive about what she liked or wanted tweaked, and let me know when the head arrived back to her safely. would absolutely work with her again!

      *huggles tha Kittywolf!*
    12. Hi, I sold some eye to kitty. It was a very smooth transaction. Would do business with her again any day!

      Nancy Maya
    13. Just had a great transaction with Kittywolf13! Great communication. Bowed to my every whim about buying a NaNuRi head on layaway from me. Everything went smooth and I'm sure he's in a happy home. She even forgave a few flubs from me, in that I mailed him a day later than I said I would and he arrived missing an eyelash. ;_; Still terribly sorry about that. Would do business anytime! Highly recommended.
    14. bought a DZ head from Kittywolf13 and she's wonderful. Perfect communications, fast shipping and head arrived in great condition.
    15. I just sold a pair of eyes to Kittywolf13, and she was great to deal with! Extremely polite, friendly, and let me know as soon as her eyes arrived. I'd definitely do business with her again! ^_^
    16. I also sold a pair of eyes to Kittywolf13. xD
      Great communication, a great buyer. C:

      P.S.: I'm male. xD;
    17. I sold a head to KittyWolf13. A wonderfull person to do business with. She responded to all PM's very quickly, very sweet, friendly, and just a pleasure to deal with!
    18. she bought a bee-a head from me. wonderful to deal with. great communicator.
    19. Kittywolf13 is the best thing ever. She bought my Yo Shinn (the third doll I've sold her) on a short layaway. Great communication, rapidfire payments, honest and brave and true. She is a proper girlscout in all her dealings and you can not do better than to buy and sell with this member.
      You may quote me.
    20. I did a custom wig for Kittywolf13 and it was a really fun challenge. She had a lot of questions and we had a lot of good communication about her ideas. Once she knew what she wanted she paid right away. She's super nice and was very enthusiastic. It was a great transaction!

      Thank you!