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KIZDOLLS Discussion - Part II

Jan 17, 2012

    1. Dylan.

      He even has an outfit :D
      The new body is double jointed but I don't find that it's as aesthetically pleasing.
    2. Well if you just do www.kizdolls.com/ it'll redirect to the YourDOP site. That's how we found it :O
    3. OMG HES AMAZING, but why is he so much more expensive then the others? He a LE?
    4. What the heck?! Okay, Samier was close to the look I needed for Bane but after I buy him and hate the company they release THIS guy? Whyyyy....?
    5. he looks amazing
      and he's double jointed, mine is single joint body
      i really need to save money for more dolls
    6. Moira: He's on the New body which is double jointed and about $100 more than the old body. You can get the older guys on the new body, too but it's optional. :3
    7. I want him...but hes too expensive for me!
    8. I want his head, but I don't trust them anymore... and I don't believe it's available separately.
    9. Anyone has notice how similar this head is to Volks Genji?
      the shape of the head is the same, even the ears are the same but sightly mod. The eyes have been closed and the mouth and lips sanded

    10. I honestly don't see it. They're so stylized (both Volks and Kizdolls) that they all look pretty much the same. There are a few little differences but... And with as many doll sculpts as there are out there, some are bound to look similar without being recasts or copies.
    11. Totally agreed with Insomniadoll. That's, without a doubt, a modded Volks Genji.
    12. I have to respectfully disagree. I overlayed a picture of this head over a picture of a Volks Genji from the same angle. Although the jaws are similar (but not the same), the mouth is higher up, the nose is situated differently, and the brow and eyes do not align at all in any way that would suggest this head is a modified Genji. I'm waiting on the original owner of the other picture to get permission to use it, so until then no pics, but as soon as I hear back from her, I'll put it up. :)
    13. I looked at it from a front view - the lips are completely different, too. Dylan's do more of a W where Genji's are flatter. That's not an easy mod.
    14. In case anyone was interested.

      overlay by Helter.Skelter., on Flickr

      All aspect ratios have been kept the same, they are in the same scale. The pic of the Volks Genji is by Meggilu.
    15. a friend took a photo of her modified Genji head (he was sanded a lot and his eyes were closed with epoxie) in the same angle than the one I posted before, and well, for me there is no doubt because everything is exactly in the same position; and the headcap, jawline and ears are the same.
      Maybe is not that easy to see the differences with a default Genji, but if you mod a Genji it could look pretty much the same than the one Kizdoll have (Dylan, and Edgar too).
      I'm a sculptor and for me it was obvious at first sight because I've seen a Genji in person

    16. Hmm... Interesting. Granted, the picture I used is from a different angle so you can't see some of the things available in your photo. I have to admit I haven't seen this head in person, and Genji can be a bit hard to find pictures of, especially blank.
    17. Oh boy, safe to say im not ordering from the your DOP site when i decide to order the white elf saiy...seeing as he is sold out on that site :P how depressing
    18. It's unfortunate to come here and find that my suspicions were probably right. After seeing the blank pictures of the Dylan head I also thought he looked a lot like Genji.
    19. Hello. Does anyone know, if Kizdolls still have problems?