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KIZDOLLS Vince and Jone

May 7, 2010

    1. Kizdolls has just released two new basic dolls, Vince and Jone, to add onto their collection of boys (Saiy and Deey are their initial releases). I believe that a pair of random acrylic eyes as well as a wig are included in the prices for the basic dolls. KIZDOLLS is based out of Hong Kong and Mr. Hoson Lee founded the company. It's a single-jointed body and the skin colour is close to Volks. After confirming orders, the turnaround time is about 2 - 4 weeks before they send them out.


      All basic versions of the boys are $235 (including faceup, random wig, and random eyes)
      The basic boys without faceup, but including the random wig and random eyes are $185
      The basic boy body is $149





      I did find these blank head photos of Deey on Taobao from the company's dealer:

      Basic body:

      They were kind enough to give me a resin-matching sample as well when I e-mailed them about it! :)

      Height : 63cm
      Girth of Head :22 cm
      Girth of Neck :9.5cm
      Width of Shoulder :13cm
      Girth of Chest :23.5 cm
      Girth of Waist :19 cm
      Girth of hip:24cm
      The length of leg:33 cm
      Girth of leg:14.5cm
      The length of feet : 8cm

      Please contact Kizdolls directly if you have any further questions.
    2. I see no size info on their site. Are they 60 cm or 70 cm?
    3. On the individual sales page, it says 63cm.
    4. Body measurements, info about the company, and blank Deey head added. :)
    5. Hello there! I'm saving up to buy Vince. Would you by any chance have any photos of him without any faceup?^^
    6. Please direct any questions you have to KIZDOLLS, I am not a sales representative. I was just sharing news. ;)

    7. News update: prices without faceups are $185