Klein's feedback

Jul 26, 2010

    1. Please leave all feedback for me here :D
    2. Klein bought artetje brushes from me- Paid very quickly and kindly let me know when they arrived~ Thank you again!! :D
    3. I've sold and traded multiple dolls with Klein and she always takes good care of them :)
    4. I had the most excellent transaction with Klein, purchase a LF face plate and
      hands from her and they came quick as lightening!
      Highest recommends to all.
      Thank you "T"
    5. Klein bought an Iplehouse Claude from me on layaway, and she was the BEST BUYER EVER. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      She had really nice and frequent communication, she paid him off very quickly, and she kept me updated every step of the way. Wonderful! :D

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    6. I bought item from Klein with layaway, she sold the item with fast and pronite. I have received the item well. Thank you so much!:D
    7. with fast and polite*
    8. I bought an SD Nono girl from Klein. She was very kind and responded very quickly to messages, packed the doll very well and shipped super fast. It was definately a pleasure to deal with her. Thanks again :)
    9. I sold a Lati Yellow to Klein - she's a fabulous buyer! Paid promptly after a short layaway, was wonderful with communication and is lovely to deal with. Thanks much! :)
    10. Klein bought a doll from me. She is a great person to do business with.... she super nice and great communication. I have sold to her inthe past as well and it is always a positive experience.
    11. Klein ordered 3 more custom items from me and is always wonderful to work with! Thanks so much!
    12. We traded PFK faceplates. Klein is absolutely fab to deal with. Thanks heaps for giving me my dream Zoe faceplate. You're a star!
    13. Forgot to leave feedback for Klein's first order~ She is always super friendly to work with! I love dealing with Klein.
    14. I sold a custom DD Sakuya Izayoi to Klein via layaway and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. She paid on time, and kept me posted about anything that she thought may or may not delay a payment. Quick and nice communication, and of course let me know when she arrived to her safe and sound! I'd happily recommend her as a buyer to anyone. Thank you so much for the pleasant transaction!
    15. I sold a DD to Klein, and everything went perfectly. A great and recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    16. Klein purchased a Volks Yuki from me and is very delightful to work with. Many thanks! xo
    17. klein purchased a volks saber head and wig from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    18. I sold klein a Minifee on layaway. She had great communication and was quick with her payments. She even paid her off faster then expected. I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    19. Klein bought a Nono head from me and I couldn't be more happier being a participant of letting her obtain her dream doll. :) The buyer was also excellent in communication, promptness and generally at being awesome. :XD:

      Thank you so much~! :aheartbea
    20. Perfect transaction with Klein who purchased an outfit from me. Payment was very fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thank you!