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Knockoff Clothing Designs?

Mar 4, 2018

    1. #1 AmyGali, Mar 4, 2018
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    2. Normally I would say it's a copy, but usually with copies the little details and materials are different. In this case even the lace looks exactly the same!

      If you give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they are the manufacturer of that outfit and Luts bought some to sell. But it could also be that they're only supposed to make them for Luts and are sneakily selling them on the side (that happened to Soom). But yes there is definitely the possibility that it's just a very good copy.
    3. I mean, it wouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility.

      My first guess would be that both companies bought the clothes from the same supplier/manufacturer since both outfits look exactly the same aside from the socks. The materials used also look almost identical from what I can tell. Sometimes suppliers have a catalogue of products you can purchase in whatever quantity you need. That's why you can find the same garment or designs in various clothing stores, for example.

      The other thing that doesn't immediately make me confirm that it's a knockoff is that this is a sailor suit design, which is a pretty common and popular style. I wouldn't be surprised if a manufacturer made this set with the intent of reselling it to other companies who cater to the people who like this style (like Luts and its various lolita-esque and fairytale outfits, which Legend Doll seem to have a few of as well). I'd be more suspicious if a company had a history of stealing another one's designs.
    4. It's not a knockoff. Luts does buy clothes from other companies to sell in their store. If you browse around Luts, you'll be able to see a couple of the kimonos from Xiaomaowang being sold in their Senior Delf clothing line.
      BTW other doll companies do it too (ie Crobidoll, Migidoll, etc, to show how other manufacturer's clothing fit their dolls).
    5. LUTS does name the manufacturer on the product page, so they are by no means calming the outfits, that are not their own, to be made by LUTS themselves.
      So, as mentioned by @satyrsmoon, some companies purchase clothes from other companies, or collaborate. LUTS have (or has had) a few DollHeart sets for sale, for example.
    6. :) It sounds like they just purchased the same outfit. Thanks for all the responses, I just wasn't sure ^-^