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Know of any MSD sculpts with fangs ?

Jan 23, 2010

    1. Hi: I have noticed quite a few Super and Tiny dollfies sculpted with fangs, but I haven't been able to find any MSD's with them ! -Does anyone know of any MSD's with fangs ?
    2. There have been several Minifee's from Fairyland that have had vampire teeth ^_^
    3. Doll in Mind Benitia has dainty fangs and is a very pretty MSD vampire.
    4. the only one coming in my mind right now is MNF woosoo (vampire elf)
    5. You've also got Angel of Dream's Chi, DollZone's Yuri and Yume twins, ResinSoul's Lu, and, if you don't mind jumping into getting a limited doll, you also have DollMore's Shiloh and the new vamps that LatiDoll is about to release.
    6. Dream of Doll also had some limiteds, Ivan and Kirill that came with fangs as well. But really, sculpting fangs onto a doll is not too difficult, especially if you find a sculpt with already an open mouth.
    7. Oh thanks so much for all the info, I will check them all out: And yes, just as I finished posting my question I came across Dollzone's Yuri & Yumi !!!! D'oh ! Thanks again : )
    8. Doll-Love has both boy and girl vampire msd :D
    9. I quite like DIM Kassia for my first Vampire Doll but Im still looking around just incase I find one I like better.