Sales Promotion Kokdollcollection March Event [Maskcat][MYOU][MK]

Mar 9, 2017

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Happy Spring!
      We are holding a sales promotion to welcome this beautiful March:

      * Purchase Maskcat Doll 1/3 size blank doll, will get a US$10 Coupon (Only limited to Beetles glass eyes and QQ Wig)

      * Purchase Maskcat Doll 1/3 size blank doll With makeup, except the US$10 Coupon, you can also get a 25% OFF discounted coupon ( Only limited to Beetles Eyes and QQ Wig)

      * Purchase Myou Doll&Mystic Kids full doll , will gift a random wig /or a pair of random glass eyes. + 20% OFF coupon on orders(limited to beetles eyes and QQ wig )

      Questions, welcome to contact us by [email protected]

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