Konji doll

Jan 19, 2005

    1. http://www.dollmore.com/

      Does anyone know where to find English information about them? Like the price and availability and shipping and all that?

      Proly not going to get one, but I'm intregued by the tiny size and the faces and all.

    2. Wow, those are cute, they remind me of Elf doll. I don't have any information on them, but now I'm curious about them also. Is it right that they're only $17, or am I converting the price wrong?
    3. Ahh so thats who she is
      someone posted a picture of her last week
      I quite like the casual Songi doll, but I prefere the Elf
      I got $17.00 when I converted it
      do you think the price is for the outfit?
      or could it be a Dawn /Pippa fashion type doll? plastic not resin
      Dollmore deal on Ebay and international so I suppose you could just e.mail them
      for tht price I would buy one just to have a look LOL :grin:
      especially is she is tiny - I love tiny
    4. Aggg I have just been back again
      fatal !
      SHE IS ONLY 10CM !
      Oh NO you can get eyes
      OH NO !
    5. Ok
      they are $18.00
      shipping $20.00
      (but I have asked if its $20.00 with shipping or$20.00 is the shipping )

      I am trying to order the Casual Songi

      you can e.mail them

      [email protected]

      now I gotta get some work done , so I can pay for these :grin:
    6. Why didn't anyone answer my post about this before! Let me know what you find out about shipping...for only $17 I'd totally do a group order for them, if anyone else would be in on it...

    7. That was me...illegally looking at DOA at work. :oops:

      But yeah...let's do a group order!!!

    8. LOL shipping is $20.00
      I did order one (fatal Im dipping into my Elf fund)
      But Im in the UK anyway
      I figured the wig might fit Pippin :grin:
      but it was very easy
      I just e.mailed them then they sent me a Paypal invoice :grin:
    9. awww, well perhaps someone else from the US will order?

      I DO think they are plain, but TINY and thats cute---now I'm sort of regretting buying the classmates Riria doll because to me, she looks HUGE! Hahaha, but she's only 8 inches so I guess she's well...not.

      You'll definately have to keep us posted about what the Konji doll looks like...do you think the heads are Elf-sized or PF sized? Oh! Do you know id the Elf Sisters have elf ears...or not??? :?
    10. i want in on a group order too!!! they are so cute! and cheap!
    11. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9668

      I'm going to do a US order for them! If we can split up the shipping it should be JUST right... I wonder if shipping goes up muvh if you order more than one??? Has anyone ordered from Dollmore before and know how it works???

    12. I will let you know as soon as I get her ...and for $20.00 shipping that had better be soon :grin:

      Elf doll Silf /Adel /Dodo / and the 2 sleeping heads have elf ears

      I just e.mailed Dollmore and they got back to me very fast
      the Monamie Sisters have normal little ears
      but so cute with it ! :grin:
    13. Oh when you get your dolly, PLEASE try a fur wig on her for us like you have in your avatar, omg would not that be the cutest thing??? I bet their heads are elf sized, not PF sized, overall they look sized like the elfs to me whereas PF is built more like a baby, versus a teeny weeny woman. **GIGGLES**
    14. I have just posted a picture of the different body types with the Ssin
      I love the Elf , they are so grown up , but the Ssin is a teeny weeny baby size :grin:
    15. I highly doubt it, but would an Elf doll or PF head fit on the Konji body? I'm thinking no since the Konji doll doesn't look like it's strung together like a BJD (more like a 1/6 I suppose), but I'm still very curious...
    16. no PF head is Huge (poor love ) :grin:
      but Im thinking the wig might fit Elf
      and my Boa would definalty fit Konji ...lol if not I will make one

      now for a name .......
    17. Four inches, woah. Yes, they are vinyl, I know that because someone posted about them earlier.

      If it weren't for the killer shipping I might be tempted. But there's no way I can go $40 US for a teeny dolly.

      But they are quite w00t:D It's neat to see sleeves on outfits that small.
    18. :lol: :grin: :lol: my little doll arrived today
      I was right , her wig fits Elf a treat , she is so funny , :lol:
      she is kinda sweet but I hate the wig on her so Im gonna give her a boa and face-up
      I will try and get some before and after shots of her
    19. Yay! :chibi I wanna see, I wanna see!!
    20. Ok here she is

      drum roll !
      Pippin has to help hold her .....
      and to give you an idea of their size , Pippin and Mushroom ...yup thats her name ...LOL DONT ASK :daisy
      (But give me a few days with her ) and the Vamps head that arrived today