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Konzenkoryuu's Feedback Thread

Jul 19, 2011

    1. Now that I've been told how to create this thread, I figured I should, since I plan to be at least semi-active in the marketplace--depending on what cute things people have that I can buy :lol:and what cute things I can make to sell. :)
      So...leave feedback if you've had a transaction with me! Thank you!
    2. Kozenkoryuu purchased a pair of eyes from me. Sweet to deal with, paid quickly, and let me know once they arrived. ^_^ I'd definitely reccommend her as a buyer~ thanks for a great transaction!
    3. I sold to her a pair of jointed hands, and she was very communicative, and kind. I would reccommend her as a buyer anytime! Thank you ^^
    4. I sold her a SD sized necklace. She has wonderful communication, and payed promptly! I would definitely
      recommend her!! C:
    5. Konzenkoryuu was AWESOME. She bought two pairs of eyes from me and a wig, and was absolutely fantastic about me being out of the country. I absolutely recommend her and would totally sell to her again!
    6. Konzenkoryuu bought a pair of eyes from me. Paid promptly and let me know when they arrived, very smooth transaction. Thank you!
    7. Konzenkoryuu bought two dolls from me. She's super friendly, replies quickly to PMs and paid right away (after she decided on which dolls she'd like. xD) Definitely a great buyer, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! Thanks for giving two of my tinies a great new home~ :)
    8. Konzenkoryuu bought eyes from me. It was a flawless transaction and I would do business again.

      Thanks so much!
    9. I sold doll items to Konzenkoryuu. The payment was fast. The transaction was very smooth & friendly. Konzenkoryuu also let me know when the items arrived with pics of her lovely dolls. Highly recommended buyer ^_^ thank you !
    10. I had a great transaction with Konzenkoryuu. She bought a breakaway set from me, was pleasant to chat with, paid quickly and was nice and quick with PMs. Excellent buyer! Thanks for giving my stuff a new home! xox
    11. Konzenkoryuu bought a MNF outfit from our last update. Quick with payment and a delight to work with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    12. I sold a cloak to Konzenkoryuu. She paid super quick, kept me updated and was very pleasant to deal with! Definetly recommended!
    13. I sold several items of clothing to konzenkoryuu, and she paid quickly and was overall pleasant to deal with. Would definitely do business with her again.
    14. Wonderful wonderful buyer! Konzenkoryuu bought clothing and a pair of shoes from me. Lovely person, friendly, prompt payment, great communication and overall great transaction! Thank you very much! She told me when the parcel arrived as well!
    15. Bought a Yo-SD shirt from Konzenkoryuu. Perfect, easy transaction, would not hesitate to buy from again! Thanks so much!
    16. Konzenkoryuu bought two pairs of eyes from me. It was a smooth, pleasant transaction. Thank you :lol:
    17. Konzenkoryuu bought a shirt from me, payment was very fast. Great buyer, thanks again!! :D
    18. Konzenkoryuu bought some shoes from me recently. She's paid promptly and let me know when the items arrived. Great buyer, thanks!
    19. I participated in a Fiaryland Go hosted by konzenkoryuu
      She's super reliable and friendly!
      She inform us of every step of the process

      And promptly reply messages
      This FL Go was Super Smooth
      And awesome saving for everyone!

      I definitely would join another GO hosted by konzenkoryuu

      <&#10048;> <&#10048;> <&#10048;>
      Thank you for hosting this GO!
      <&#10048;> <&#10048;> <&#10048;>
      <&#10048;> <&#10048;><&#10048;>
    20. I participated in a Fairyland group order run by Konzenkoryuu. Everything went very smoothly - great communication, and the items were shipped out very quickly. :)

      Thank you!