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KooDoll boy Questions

Feb 22, 2007

    1. Hi kids , i wanted to introduce myself I'm Dean : ) 37 Y/o i post sometimes on ZOZ but dont post here.Ive lurked off and on for about a yr.& i've bought stuff from some DOA folks in the past but now im shut out.Kinda a blessing hehe, the sales area here is sooo dangerous for compulsive me, and im coming out today to say hi and see if anyone can help me .I have 8 bjd girls of various sizes and companies.and im thinking of getting my first boy( well head ). I think its gonna be a Koodoll I just Love Blue but im Torn , I like Tely too.Those elongated almond shape eyes are soo cute. but They both look SO Similar like twins practically.Whats the difference between them ? Are they the same but with itty bitty differences like Elfdolls Ryung and Nabee?
      From what i have seen I think Telys nose appears a bit rounder on the tip?and i havent seen his profile but I have seen Blue's and he seemed to have a protruding bridge of the nose kinda caucasian like.like the way luts boy noses do.also i saw a pic that someone posted of their Blue and his Jawline looked a bit squarer than how he looks on the koodoll page maybe it was just the angle it was taken at.but thats the only differences i can seem to see.
      TIA for any help catch ya later
      oh i have skintone questions but thats another post.
    2. Hi Paisley, I never heard of Koodoll, do you have a link to their website? Oh, and welcome as a member and not a lurker! ;)
    3. Love those lips on Blue!

      Personally I see Blue being more full in the lips and thicker/softer in the nose. Telly is sharper (GOD what a Snape/Lucious character he'd make!) with a longer/thinner nose and thinner/smaller face. Not to mention you have a choice between open mouth and closed mouth.




      They're close. Side by side I think they'd look as close as brothers
    4. Here's a head-on shot of my whiteskin Blue -


      I think that his lips are fuller/more pronounced than the Tely; I agree that his jawline appears to be a big broader, too. He's got much less carving around the exterior of the eyes, and I think the tip of his nose is a bit broader than the Tely.

      Seriously captivating heads, I'm berserk over mine.
    5. OMG! THere is another BOY comming in JUNE! If you love Tely and Oscal, you'll Drool over this guy!
    6. O.o OT, but glad you said so, I was excited and going to PM you to ask if your real name was Paisley . . . that's mine (rare name so its interesting to meet others with it). It was strange to see it as someone's username :lol:

      I don't know how I ever missed these dolls- I love them! They are just heads though, right? I see the recommended body matches on the website but what do the owners posting here have them on?
      The new guy looks promising, I like that his eyes are a bit less sleepy looking. *runs off to search for more pictures of these boys*