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KooDoll Oscar head

Jul 1, 2006

    1. hey Kiyakotari,

      if you find more info about them, I'd love to hear --- I REALLY like this head......
    2. I like him too~! XD I love his hautie look ^^;;

      R-Asiam and Danbi?
    3. Well, he's certainly a facial type that I love (much like K-Doll, DIM, and Hypermaniac) but I've run out of characters who can really carry that expression. I don't want all of my non-related dolls to look like brothers too! :(
    4. He looks too much like alot of other dolls out at the moment, IMO. Seems like a very popular look right now, ne?
    5. I'll call it a cross between Danbi and Na-Hu with just a dash of Woo-Yan. I like all three of those heads so I guess I like Oscar too.

      Actually I like him quite a lot. I'm relieved to hear he's sold out for my own greedy sake, I don't want to be tempted right now. I'm keeping my eye on that site though... they're bound to make something else sometime when I do have money.
    6. I'll let anyone know if I find out more - I've been trying to register on their BBS, but I've been running into that classic problem...I have no Korean citizenship number, which I THINK is what they're asking for. **pokes the form** Either way, they keep rejecting me.
    7. Iz lips!!! He's very cool looks angry and sulky. I love it.
    8. he has a little bit of a hugo-s look too
    9. I really love their TeLy he's just gorgeous, I want him so badly. =3=

      They remind me an awfull lot of Kdoll with a pinch of DIM thrown in.