Event [Koreadolls] JOIN site open event & sign up event and GET FREE DOLL

Nov 1, 2018

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      Please Click the Image and visit Koreadolls!​
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    2. Will you also offer the other SQ Labs heads, or only the ones on your website are available?
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    3. Do you offer layaways?
    4. Another Skin Color and another type of head from SQ-LAB is also possible.
      If you want certain head, please contact with us in homepage.

      Sure. layaway is possible when you pay 30% first.
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    5. I'm super happy to have found a dealer for Migidoll now that my usual dealer doesn't carry them anymore! How long are your layaways available for? 3 months?
    6. Yes. Layaways available for 3 months.