Limited Items [Koreadolls] Sadol limited planet eyes updated + Sign up gift(doll)

Jan 15, 2019



      Sadol planet series eys has been updated!

      the Limited eyes - blue snow (Jan 15~Jan31)

      Also, giveaway event(clothes, dolls...) is coming every week for the member. You need only sign up!
      Layaway is possible for 3monthes.
      Go site and Check the New dolls!


      koreadolls SNS:
      Twitter : @koreadolls
      Instagram : @koradolls
      Facebook : @koreadolls
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    2. Is the sign up event still open?
    3. Yes, It is still open.
      As many BJD company join in Koreadolls, more gift has been increasing.
      So the event keeps going for a while!
    4. Great! I've just signed up, your site is really nice :) For SQlab you only offer the skin color Normal and White. They correspond to the Volks resin color or DD resin color? On the SQlab site they offer 4 different resin colors.
    5. We offer Volks resin color.
      If you want the other color, please contact with koreadolls email!