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Korean boys??

May 31, 2009

    1. I have a character that I really want to doll. Slight problem?
      Dae-Hyun is Korean. and I need him in Mini. But the only dolls I've been able to find that look 'Korean enough' are the big guys.
      So, do you guys know where I can get a Korean mini boy? in tan?
      Pictures are welcome, if you own one!
    2. You would try Latidoll. I think Russel, my Christopher Rei, looks really asian sometimes... Probably even more so if you gave him black hair and eyebrows.
    3. Can you be more specific? :) What do you mean by "looking Korean"?
    4. Soul-kid look korean 8D I want a korean boy too and i found some really good ones on Souldoll.
      Amy looks Korean, I'm sure you can mos her into a boy and tan her yourself 8)

      Mmmm korean.
    5. I've been looking for years, and it seems Narin is the only one with true Asian bone structure.

      Otherwise, perhaps a Soulkid girl on a boy body as Humming Jack suggested.

      Customhouse Juniors have quite a flat face, so aree probably passeable as Asian.

      Or maybe a Minisupia put onto a boy body?
    6. Actually, Dandelion? Like babytarragon's avatar picture?
    7. My avatar is a 55cm girl ^^;
    8. Oh oops. For some reason I always thought she was more 40-43cm range.
    9. I wish I could get a doll like her in mini size though XD
    10. Blue--

      I have a Dollmore MOMO who I think looks Asian. Interestingly enough I bought him from BabyTarragon! Baby used his pic for her avatar for awhile and I always was intrigued by her pic of Momo.

      I think he comes in tan, but I also know he looks "young".

      I quite agree with Piccadilly-- the 43cm Narin looks very Asian and can pass for an older guy. He would probably be my choice.

    11. - There is Sergei from Doll in Mind who I find very Korean looking [[link]]
      - Narin from Narindoll (you could change the faceplate to a Narae) from Narindoll [[link]]
      - With some body modding/body swap Amy (girl) could make a cute Korean boy [[link]]
      - Rucas from Latidoll looks Korean but more stylised [[link]]

      You could always order a Minimee MSD head made by "Doll in Mind" (first link)
      and let them make a korean head made after someone?

      I hope this helps ^_^