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Korean Resin Vs. Urethane Resin

May 4, 2018

    1. Hello! I recently purchased a doll from Supia doll, and I asked them if they used French resin. They replied saying they use Korean resin. What exactly is "Korean" resin? I'm aware thay Bimong also uses Korean resin. I'm curious about your experience with Korean resin.
    2. These are just different kinds of urethane resin - 'french' resin has a translucent, wax-like look. I personally have never heard of korean resin, I suppose they mean it's made locally?
    3. Hmm. My Supia girl has lovely resin. It's definitely opaque and arrived with a very matte finish. She's their old original tan, but I don't think it'll be that different from their other resins, I just got her last April, I wanna say?

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    4. It might be a special mixture of various types of urethane resin. Some formulations mix a little French resin in because of its strength. There probably is a range of resin formulations. Or it could be referring to the dye/resin mix. Or it may well just be a naming convention like naming paint colors!
    5. If you check supia wiki here on doa it says they don't use french resin anymore, I think the person responsible for answering the messages (do bjds company even have a PR person?) may not be aware that french resin is a term for PER and thought you were asking if they imported resin materials from france or something.
    6. We are really sorry for giving you confusion due to our company's reply.

      We use urethane resin. We do not use combining with french resin.

      Since you asked us if we use french resin, we wanted to clarify this, so we replied that we use 'Korean resin'.

      The 'Korean resin' we mentioned was regular urethane that majority of Korean companies use.
      We apologize for any confusion resulted from the inaccurate expression.
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    7. She is lovely! What face sculpt is she?

      It looks a really nice smooth resin!
    8. Thank you! She's a Noa sculpt. I really love it, she's so unique.
    9. So what is better? French resin or urethane resin
    10. It’s really just personal opinion.

      Urethane resin tends to be more popular because it is opaque and doesn’t yellow as fast. Most dolls are urethane resin.

      French resin is more translucent and has a bit of a ‘glow’ to it. Think of putting your own hand up to a bright light and how you can kind of see a little bit of light shine through the thinner parts like the webbing between your fingers. Some people like it because they think it looks more natural, others think it looks too waxy. It tends to yellow much faster.

      There is also environmental resin, and it is slightly translucent but usually has some anti UV and yellows slower than urethane. Sometimes French and enviro are used interchangeably because of the similar translucency, but (at least when I first heard of them ages ago) they are not the same thing.
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    11. Thanks so much for the info! :) i have ordered 2 dolls from charm doll and will be ordering next from loongsoul... it looks like they only cater french resins now. :O... it was too late when I found out.. not sure how i will feel with french resin dolls on the way
    12. Actually, french resin, besides being translucent, apparently is a bit stronger than urethane. Many doll companies have a private formulation of blended resin types. Iple confirmed this for them a number of years ago (don't know if they were supposed to tell me that, though--), when I'd asked them why hands and heads in their new tan resin looked a bit *waxier* than the bodies. It made sense, to have a higher percentage of french in the parts that had more stress or were more prone to get damaged.
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    13. My sister just got her Loongsoul Antje last week in French resin and she looks great. She’s normal pink skin and doesn’t look waxy or yellow at all. She’s not too translucent either and looks fine with urethane dolls. I’m thinking maybe they’ve added something to it to make it better. The old French resin from when I joined the hobby 11 years ago never looked anywhere near this good. I think your doll will be fine!
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    14. Oh that’s a big relief!!! :) I was really feeling down after knowing it was a french skin.. mine is french normal pink too. If you don’t mind, I would love to see her loongsoul Antje photos please!!
    15. Sure! She's @Christina_Xx and you can see her girl's box opening here. She says she's "imported resin", I think that's the same as French.
    16. Thank you soo much!!! <3 <3 <3 xD XD XD
    17. Timberly Overstreet And this is my girl's profile picture, if you can tell! She's not extremely translucent at all or shiny. She's a soft-looking milky pink shade and they pose so well! I absolutely love her, definitely worth the wait, in my opinion! <3. She skin isn't loose or bendy either. I hope you're happy with your new family member! :D

    18. :O Where's the profile picture? :D want to see more of your girl please :D By the way, is she 1/3 size or 1/4?
    19. :) Will go for LoongSoul.. I know they are french skinned but I will gamble my money on them. Love the sculpt!!
    20. @cyrillezhane have your Loongsoul dolls arrived yet? Just wanted to say that I poked around Loongsoul's Chinese website and their Taobao store, and the term they use is 环保肌, which would translate to environmental skin. I don't know why they use french resin in their English site. Maybe the terms are interchangeable for the Chinese market?