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Korean TV CLIP-- Visit Gallery Narin + BJD Academy-- link!!

Feb 8, 2006

    1. Hi Everyone,
      I'm excited to show you the first of two video clips from Korean TV which features:
      a tour through Gallery Narin in Seoul -- see the LE-1 Warrior Narae 60 cm live, see the principals of Narin Creative and the Stop Motion Animation director chatting

      see Narin Creative's founding artist Bimong in classroom with a student going over drawings for a new BJD as well as *gasp* sanding some seams (say no more!!). Bimong is the doll instructor at Bimong Academy, a school for doll artists. One of his famous students is the creator of Narsha Dolls.

      See more of the dolls... the last guy may be some professor or something talking about what dolls mean to people.

      I will be getting a translation of this as soon as I can :D I will post that here for you to read. But in the meantime, three minutes of rare TV viewing from Seoul... enjoy!

      paste into your Windows Media Player or other device:

      (I'm putting up a link here in case someone can download it easier... not sure how huge it is yet!)

    2. That was entertaining :] Thank you for sharing!
    3. Always look forward to your news on NarinCreative Catrina!!! Thanks!!

      PS I PM'ed you :)

    4. it won't play ;_; is there a way to download it directly?
    5. This is cool! Thanks for the info. ^_^
    6. Hi Psycho! (ok if I call you that?:D)
      well, here is a way to do it: just cut and paste the address above into your player's "Open URL" window. First it will start buffering and then you will see it play. It's a pretty big file or else I'd try to shrink it down a bit for you.

      Get ready-- the next TV Clip I have for you is BJD from soup to nuts... visit face painters, shoe artists, clothing artists, designers, the Doll Academy and the Gallery.. it's huge and over 7 minutes! I'm trying to get some of it translated first because I know most of you don't have time to watch it again after I get that. So hopefully I will have that soon for you.
      : - )
      Let me know if that cut and paste thing works for you.
    7. I've always wished I could attend a BJD Doll Academy!!! Why don't they have schools like that here!?!?! :crushed

    8. Hey Paul,
      Whew, you know it. I think half of DOA would enroll in the first week. I just loved seeing Bimong with a student-- sketching out the fine points of a face... seeing a large sketch of a body in scale. Oh my. Wouldn't it be heaven going to classes. And Bimong seemed so serious but sweet. You almost want to tickle him though, to make him smile. I think all the dolls on the wall in frames are made by his students.

      I have to tell you.. in the 7 minute video he has one of his creations laid out. OMG, there is a BJD with ball jointed fingers-- all the human joints in a hand are ball jointed. I started feeling faint. Imagine the posing opportunities *fans self.* Can't wait to read the translation.
    9. This sounds great! And balljointed fingers? No freaking way... That would be sensational.
      Unfortunately that video does not work for me, no matter what I do, gah, my computers hate me. XD
    10. Bah... so sorry. I'm going to see how large the source file is and see if I can either make it smaller or cut it into 2 pieces for those whose computer won't stream it.

      Yep, a ball jointed hand. ALL fingers jointed like a person's. Thought I'd pass out. The doll also has ball jointed toes (top of the toe only). Still *feeling faint* what an accomplishment.

      I'll see what I can do file-wise.
    11. OMGAWD! *Frantically wrapping pennies to pay off Narae layaway*
    12. Glad you liked it! I can't wait to show everyone the 7 minute one with all the accessory makers and you can even see a Korean artist painting one of the faces. I'll get that translation cooking asap.
    13. *nod* i did that but it gave me a message saying something along the lines of "windows media player cannot play this file because a network error occurred. the server may not be available...blah blah blah" ^^; i tried it in divx and it also gave me an error message. quicktime and real player both gave me similar error messages. TT____TT

      file size isn't a big deal for me because i have a pretty fast connection....
    14. ah! never mind! it must just be my computer because i got on my dad's computer and it worked @_@;;

      *squeals in excitement* i can't wait till i get a narin of my own 8D
    15. It's not really news so I guess it was moved to larger dolls for that reason. Since it is focused on both sizes though I went ahead and moved it to the general area. 8)
    16. hey, wow that was really cool, i couldn't understand them at all, but i loved the video
    17. It's not working! I wanna see this!
    18. How's the progress on the 7 min video Catrina? I'm needing a NarinDoll fix....

      Paul :)
    19. Wow! That was so cool!...wish I knew what they were saying, heehee.
      That man is so tallented, it blows my mind. I was thrilled to see the drawings and sculps, it makes the dolls so much more precious knowing how much time went into them.
    20. WOW, that is a good idea! I hope he makes them availible to the public!!!
      ...I've gotta see the 7 minute video!
      Bimong does seem like such a neat person, I would love to sit down with him and pick is artistic brains.