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Kouga Yun will be releasing a doll magazine!

Dec 27, 2005

    1. First of all xD sorry if this belongs in the wrong forum, I'm not sure where it should go... ^^;

      I was checking http://www.kokonoe.com for updates when I read the top news!
      From the little I could understand, this is what it says:

      ドール愛好家達によるプロジェクトVoleur de Rose(ヴォラー・ド・ローズ)は、Dollの世界を楽しむためのサークルです。コミック、フォトグラビア、Dollドレスパターンを掲載した同人誌『Voleur de Rose』の発行や、VdR発オリジナルデザインのDollドレスやDoll小物の制作・販売など、お楽しみ企画を続々発信していきます!

      For people who love dolls, project Voleur de Rose is a circle for the enjoyment of dolls. Comics, photographs, doll dress patterns will be featured along with VdR original designed doll dresses and accessorries. If it sells, this fun project will continue!

      On another note, (slightly OT xD; ) it seems like there'll be Loveless dolls! Though, they're 1/6 D: ...

      I'm not sure what you all feel about this, but Kouga Yun is definitely my favourite mangaka and her drawing such a magazine is really exciting for me! x3

      http://www.kokonoe.com/vdr/top.html for contents of the magazine x3

      xD Just curious, but what does Voleur de Rose mean? ^^

      ...took away "drawing" from the title XD

      [edit again ;_;]
      After reading her blog entry, it looks like the dolls are customized dolls by Kyon (maybe) but there's no information as to whether they will be on sale >_<!

      Thanks Idrisfynn for the information <3
    2. Hurrah! <3

      (My heart, it overflows with joy at the thought... XD)
    3. Woohoo! Banzai for 1/6 Loveless dolls! Banzai for another Kouga Yun manga! I was wondering if something like this might eventually be coming considering that she did a couple of illustrations in Unoa Freak. At least, I think it was Unoa Freak...it was for Unoa, at any rate. :fangirl

      Edit to add the Voleur de Rose website: http://www.kokonoe.com/vdr/
    4. http://www.kokonoe.com/vdr/img/imgbar.jpg The first and last pictures in this bar seem to be them! XD and those in between should be some of the pictures being featured in the magazine? *_*

      Shizalent do you have a link to those illustrations? x3
    5. That's really awesome that she seems to be a fan of SD and is involved with this magazine. I hope those loveless dolls aren't too limited...I'd love to get my hands on them! :) Kyon is involved with it too...cool!
    6. Sorry, Meri-chan, I haven't got a link--when Unoa Freaks were popping up on Ebay, there were some scans up of some of the pages and here and there, and there were pictures of Unoa-catgirls (one with long ruffly white hair and another that was black-haired, and *ahem* rather busty) and an illustration or two by Kouga-san of those girls. I remember thinking that they were part of Loveless at first and then realized that they were for Unoa! XD

      And I echo Zalem...I hope those Loveless dolls aren't crazy limited and that better pics will be posted soon...or that there will be special-edition SD-sized (or hell, even Volks-made! They made Chii, after all!!) Loveless dolls. *_* I think I'd die then. But happily. And not before getting my hands on them.
    7. ShizalentIts ok ^^~

      It seems like the magazine will be going on sale in comic market 69 *_* wish I could go pick up one there! XD

      Chii was made into an SD? :0 Gosh xD I'd buy a Soubi SD anytime!
    8. [​IMG]


      My scanner has a pile of stuff on top, so camera pics will have to do until someone more tidy than I does scans. :oops:

      And woohoo!!! Yun Kouga, oh the love... :love :love :love
    9. Kouga Yun! I'd love to get my hands on this doll magazine...and the 1/6 Loveless dolls x_x
    10. Marilyn Thanks for the pictures! XD Though, isn't that Rituska on the left? XD
      ...wait a second, those 2 Unoas are the same 2 on the banner in the site! XD

      Hopefully it'll be on sale on amazon or kinokuniya *_*!
    11. Lovely pics, Marilyn! XD

      Behold, SD Chobits Chii: http://www.superdollfie.net/sd/gentei/chobits.html

      But anyway...I read a little Japanese, but not enough to understand most everything on the new VdR website or even Kouga's personal site. Does anyone know if it says anything about Loveless dolls, 1/6 or otherwise? I know there are those two precious pics on the banner, but I just did a quick comb-through of the Volks site and there wasn't any info on them...but I am clinging to this wild and sudden and totally random and probably not-really-feasible hope for an SD13 Soubi. XD Oh how I wish!

      Tammie, I'm with you. I must hunt down this manga and any and all Loveless dolls, no matter the size, as long as they are pretty.
    12. Hm, I just read the entry in her blog though I didn't understand it 100% x3 but it basically says something about like that, please excuse the funky english xD I'm not really good at translating ^^;

      Its released.
      Nope, its not a new manga that's released.
      Its a doll book about illustrations, western-style clothes dealers, and customization. Though very little, some people may know that I like dolls.
      Its a project for doll lovers and friends.[I'm not sure about this sentence XD;]
      Besides SDs, 1/6 Ritsuka and Soubi custom's(this wasn't made by me, but by my friend) gravure, my favourite dealer's new dresses (about pattern sheets too), guest doll essays etc. will be featured.
      More details about binding, price, participants should be known around tomorrow...
      There's a page made specially for the magazine. [the VdR site ^^]
      This is a book for my hobby besides manga, I'm sorry if you were hoping for a new volume to be released.
      However, this is a wonderful book.
      People who love dolls will definitely want to read it.
      Besides myself, there are 2 other project members, Kyon-san and &#33489;&#12528;&#12518;&#12454;-san[sorry ^^; I have no idea how to read the name ><] of Little Princess.
      Mail order here [where? XD??]

      The other stuff at the bottom talk about her loveless stuff xD so I'm not gonna translate that XD
    13. Waugh! So they WERE custom dolls? :cry: Oh well. I'll just go curl into a fetal ball in the corner now... *sigh* Well, I can always hope!

      But thank you very much for the translation, Meri-chan! Your Japanese skills kick mine's ass. XP And not a manga after all but a doll-book. Hmm. I shall still be eagerly waiting for it to hopefully hit the Japanese bookstores so I can pounce pounce pounce.
    14. *pat pat* I know how you feel D: Are there really small enough 1/6 dolls to customize into a Ritsuka though? lol XD

      You're welcome :D Yay for new doll magazine~~ XD
    15. ZOMG it's combining two things I'm absolutely in love with. *___* Loveless BJDs would make my LIFE.
    16. Oh my god, am I reading that right? Kyon is sculpting the Loveless dolls? Oh, man, time to hit the piggybank again. >_<
    17. Literally it means Thief of Rose.
      Is Rose a name of a place, or something?
    18. Kasai, Fyredancer I think that they'll just be customized 1/6 volks dolls... not SDs ><...

      Noriko No idea :D Its just the name of the book/magazine that's going to be released XD...
    19. wheee...that would be really great...
      Only the idea makes me sooo excited :D
      Can't wait ^___^
    20. Oh dear...I've got news. Apparently Voleur de Rose came out in Comicket specifically as a doujinshi, and is not actually a magazine--according to my sister-in-law, it's probably not going to make it into retail stores like Kinokuniya or Amazon. ;_;