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Kreuzdoll Discussion

Jul 18, 2016

    1. I think Kreuzdoll deserve some love as well. Koji is the independent doll maker who also creates porcelain dolls.
      You can find out about the dolls on Kreuzdoll website, as well as Koji's blog. She is also a teacher!

      Here are some photos of her resin dolls, some of them are already discontinued:


      Azur (Discontinued)

      Date Masamune (Discontinued)

      I've recently received my very own Sougetsu (蒼月) sculpt ^_^ I love the uniqueness and he works well with the snake theme! This is my naga boy, Ssazrns.

      #1 KiAN, Jul 18, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    2. I spent most of the past weekend admiring Sonsaku and Sougetsu on Jeeryama's eBay shop (under the names Sunce and Cangyue) -- and I just ordered a Sougetsu of my own! ;)

      It's really exciting to see your Ssazrns -- what a wonderful naga faceup to go with his gorgeous face. :love What body are you using for him?

      Also, woooooooow, Koji's Date Masamune is a heartbreaker. I wish I'd seen him in time to snatch one for myself . . .
      #2 Cynthia in FlintHills, Jul 18, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
    3. I literally just stumbled across Kreuzdoll today and wanted to check further into them, so thank you for making this thread :thumbup Your boy is absolutely impressive @KiAN. That slight little smirk fits his character perfectly! (Also, really cool back story! Was just reading a bit on it on his profile, I want to know more :))
      Kreuzdoll's Masamune Date is indeed a handsome fella, would love seeing more pictures of him. But...... that Sonsaku really has me interested even more :blush
    4. I have an Azur head from the first release stashed away. I can't see him getting a body or faceup anytime soon (he will eventually, but he's in a long queue ) but I love him. I did post about him in the news subforum when he first came out :

      (Kreuz doll: 'Azur' for 70cm body)

      I've been admiring Ssazrns for a long time now, but I'm trying to reduce the amount of dolls and heads I buy, it's torment!! (I know...first world problems)

      @Kain your boys looks very interesting and sly. His colouring reminds me of the Blue Racer, a species of constrictor from Canada, one of the most beautiful snakes out there.
    5. Koji's training and exhibition history are really, really impressive -- I see why her work appeals to me in the same way as some of my favorite Japanese art-dollmakers! For me, she's kind of the second coming of Minawa Aya (Minawadou), the Japanese dollmaker I'm such a fan of, or was until she quit making dolls several years ago.

      @Sasha of the Crows, I hope you get Sonsaku, so we'll have a little clan of Kreuzdolls on DoA!

      And @Sillypeach, I should have known that you would have found Koji before any of the rest of us! :lol: :lol: :lol: Let's face it, I just need to mind-meld with you . . .
    6. Ah yes, their names can be translated like that in Mandarin Pin Yin ^_^ Ooh!! I'm so excited for you! Hope to see your Sougetsu too!
      Thank you for liking his faceup :D His body is Popodoll 63cm boy body. The neck circumference of the head is larger than the neck, but if you use hair to cover it isn't visible. The skin tone match is great! Almost perfect I would say.
      Yea, Date Masamune is such a special sculpt too, I missed it as well x-x

      I'm happy you found this thread xD It's great to share the love. My friend has a Sonsaku, the head is long, and is actually suitable for a 80cm body as well! Very interesting sculpt indeed!
      And thank you very much for liking and reading about Ssazrns! I'll update more info as the main story develops ^_^ His faceup is a very fun one to create.

      Awesome! I haven't seen a lot of Azur around, I really hope to see yours some time in the future. Please do share when you complete him ^_^
      Oh, I missed that post, maybe because I have been searching the wrong term x'D
      I know how you feel about having a lot of heads... I have a whole cupboard of them... somewhere in a dark corner.. One day, one day they will all have their own body :P (yeap, first world problems) Hope you get to complete your dolls soon.
      Thank you for liking my snake boy. I just checked out Blue Racer, they are amazing! :O

    7. Oh my..I just heard about this doll maker. Thanks @KiAN for sharing her link. Her sculpts are amazing. I'm instantly falling in love with her sculpts :love
    8. Wooooo, just got a shipping notice from Jeeryama! I'm looking forward to trying Sougetsu/Cangyue on the bodies I have, just in case one of them works.
    9. I'm very happy to share! ^_^ They are wonderful!
      Oooh!! Awesome news! I'm so excited to see what you will do with him! Keep us posted!
    10. Just popping in to say that my Sougetsu is with the faceup artist right now, and I scored a Popodoll body for him in the Marketplace -- thank you for the tip, @KiAN! It just needs a little sanding on the upper body to remove some surface yellowing, and it will be all ready for him when he gets home.

      I am so very impressed by the delicacy and detail of the head sculpt -- the artist's experience and training really do show in the finished piece.
    11. The detail in these sculpts are insane, I've actually never seen anything like it. I'm incredibly impressed as well. Thanks for this it gave me more to look into with this brand.
    12. Well, it's taken me long enough, but I've finally gotten around to taking a picture of Zhu Irzh, my Sougetsu, all put together! Faceup by @Sour_Dotz:


      In this picture, he's on the 63cm Popodoll body, but I'll confess that I wasn't really happy with it -- his head flopped sideways on the neck and wouldn't hold a position, plus I just didn't like the body's engineering. (I have old-fashioned tastes -- I tend to prefer single-jointed, heavier, and more stable bodies.) But the dolly Destinies were on my side . . .

      A friend of mine offered me a WS DollnDoll King body that she wasn't using, and I am thrilled to report that the Sougetsu head fits *perfectly* on the neck and looks just right in proportion to the body. Even the resin match is better -- the Popodoll body I got had quite a lot of undisclosed yellowing, and the DollnDoll WS has a peachy-pink tone that goes very well with Kreuzdoll's NS. I can always blush the body a little if I feel the need, but as of now, I don't think I'll bother. Pictures will come when I have some time off work!
      #12 Cynthia in FlintHills, Sep 25, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
    13. Popping in here to hope for some blessing or second hand luck from you lucky folks who already own them because I'm trying to get a Sonsaku & Sogetsu from Jeeryama. I am deathly worried I am too late and that they're sold out. lolsob

      I much regret not knowing about these beauties sooner. Huhuhu.
    14. Oooh, good luck!! I think Sonsaku, at least, should still be available, because Jeeryama had one listed on eBay when I looked last weekend. :eusa_pray
    15. Thanks @Cynthia in FlintHills !

      Jeeryama just replied to me giving me the OK for the layaway for both of them, but said to 'order them in the store' and then note the terms of the layaway, but I can't do that on ebay, since I'd have to pay the whole amount then and there. I go on Jeeryama's site... and only Sougetsu is there. Gah. I had to email them to ask what to do from there.

      I hope the answer is favourable. >3<
    16. Sorry for the double posting but bless the BJD gods, my prayers have been answered!!!

      It didn't occur to me to check taobao and lo and behold, they're both listed there and my agent can buy them for me. I've just paid for them both! Aaaaaaaa! I'm so excited!

    17. :sumomo: :sumomo: :sumomo:

      Hooray and congratulations!!! I'll look forward to seeing your Sougetsu and Sonsaku when you get them all put together--
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    18. [​IMG]
      Aaaaaa! They're almost with me! <3

      Also, I am actually quite surprised by how different they are in size. I didn't expect Sougetsu to be so much smaller.
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    19. It's exciting to see them side by side! I remember reading somewhere -- maybe the Kreuzdoll site -- that Sonsaku was intended for 70cm bodies, and Sougetsu for 60-63cm bodies.
    20. Glad to meet someone mentioned about the Minawadou dolls. I purchased two Kreuzdoll heads in last year. They are very beautiful.