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Kui dolls: Gui, XuanHao, Leonardo, ChiCang Yi, FeiTen Si & Bi Jian!

Aug 8, 2008

    1. I quite like the first grumpy boy, too bad that he is bit too short to be one of my characters :( But very nice-looking lads, I'm looking forward to owner pictures! :aheartbea
    2. I want that first guy the strawberry blonde elf for my son as that is his charecter in a Indy movie he was in as an elf archer. I so need this guy!
    3. I would like to know their resin match.
    4. I think they're all amzing!!! I love such adult male type of face <3 <3 <3!
    5. I'll post this here to, just for refrence I guess :)

      their names as they were translated from taiwanese (traditional chinese)

      Elf Boy - "Non-day"
      The second boy (blond in silver clothing) - "Gui"
      the 3rd boy in all black, with black hair - trans lates as "Red dark green &#40659;"
      The red head - "Prison"
      Strawberry blond boy translates as - "In Austria&#8226;Rotter"
      Last boy in the chair translates as - "North ocean unreliable Hao"

      They're all so gorgeous..I don't know which i like best..hehe
    6. I agree with you above they really have interesting name. lol I want them all Prison is awesome so as The first one lol.
    7. "In Austria&#8226;Rotter" is probably my favorite. I want to see better pics of Non-Day's ears. Looks like the stick up pretty high...but can't tell with the angle of the shots.
    8. It would be interesting to know if they come tanned or in which scale of resin color.
    9. I would like to see more pictures of their faces. I can't wait for people to order them. (I find owner pics to the best bet for how something is going to turn out. I miss out on so many limiteds due to that... :sweat)
    10. I wish also to know if the company will do custom services, as custom face-up,tattoo,and piercing as well.
    11. I want one of each, thank you, yes. When my hitherto unknown rich uncle dies... *sigh*

      I would gleefully grab every single one of those amazing outfits, though, if they are ever sold separately. I have at least one young man here who's giving me the "I NEEED purple!" face.
    12. I've signed up. :sweat
      I'm giving all my boys the discerning eye. Finding which ones to sell to afford that elf dude. :|
      I feel mean. :( I wub my current boys. I need a rich dead uncle too...
    13. Oh gosh, I'm seriously into the first fellow (Non-day?), but I desperately want to see shots of the body before I'll be sold. If anything, and I don't like it, I would hopefully just go for the head (if possible), and body hunt. :D
    14. I am in -LOVE- with "In austria rotter" (the strawberry blonde) and "Non-day" the elf. I do wish we could see them without wigs though..I want to see non-days ears.
    15. i love them all...really, but they are short compare to the rest of my boys now, well yea. Except one or two, my gaints now rule the land >.> aka my home
    16. I see I'm not the only one who tried this. XD
      This is what I got when I ran them through the Google translator, Chinese -> English (which mainly gave the pronunciations, not the meanings) :
      Elf Boy - Si-days
      The second boy (blond in silver clothing) - Gui
      the 3rd boy in all black, with black hair - Chi Chang Yi
      The red head - BI Gan
      Strawberry blond boy translates as - Rio • Lott (not quite as odd XDDD )
      Last boy in the chair translates as - North Ming Yuen

      The company name ('produce by' @ bottom of page) comes up as "Quebec Ningyo" ?__?

      I'm waiting for resin matching info as well...and body pics...but I seriously love these head sculpts. If they turn out to be available in white skin I may be sending this company a good deal of my money in future....

      ETA: Holycatonnahottinroof! :o I just realised that Austria-Rotter/Lott/whatever chap has a hooked nose. *____* Right, I am now officially sold on him even if he does only come in normal skin. That's just...made of absolute win. He's gorgeous!*_*
    17. I want those wigs, can someone direct me to a site that sale those types of wig. thanx in advance.
    18. I'm really interested in the elf guy ^^ he has a such serious expression, he's got attitude!
      I'm waiting for the body shots, too. Don't know what kind of wig he could wear, seems like he's more 8"-9" than 9"-10". ^^